This page gathers some hints and advice that may help students in computer sciences and future researchers. If you have some links you want to share, I'd love to add them here.

Being a PhD student

  • Some very good slides on doing a PhD (in French). Local copy.
  • A 122-pages book providing a very interesting definition of what is that thing that we call a PhD is.
  • A web page listing a bunch of resources for PhD students, much more complete than my own.
  • Some word of advice for prospective PhD students.
  • The Art of doing a Ph.D., along with a nice Fish Diagram to represent the flow of the ideal research work. It NEVER occures as is: it's often more of an incremental (and chaotic) process, and you should start writting as soon as possible to get used to it, and to ensure that your work remains focused on something that actually makes sense. But it is still useful to understand that we try to do while seamingly running after the butterflies in all directions.

Scientific methodology


  • Some very good slides on being a TA (in french, un chargé de TD). The first part aims non-native speaker teaching in the US and is thus rather uninteresting to me. But the 3 other sections are much more relevant to my experience. Local copy. Some other good material can be found on the page of W. Rapaport.




Applying to academic positions

  • A slide set by Luc Bougé on how to find a position in the french academic system.
  • How to apply to academic positions in CS in the French system: slides, local copy.
  • A set of advices by Lucas Nussbaum on the procedure to find a position in the french academic system.

In case of issues

  • The clasches is a French entity devoted to the fight against sexual harassment in the university. I wish such issues would not exist, but they do. If you think you've been the victim of a misconduct, don't stay isolated. You're right and they are wrong.