I am an official Debian developer since quite a while, although I don't spend enough time for debian these days.

In the past, I used for example to be one of the coordinators of debian french translators group for several years (but I resigned since then). I contributed the po4a framework, allowing to translate easily any kind of documentation. I had to pass over the maintainance to Nekral since then due to lack of time.
I am also the official Debian maintainer of quilt, a tool to allowing to survive with a pile of patches against a changing source tree. This tool, written by Andrew Morton and Andreas Gruenbacher, is now one of the core component of the debian packaging system.
I package several games, such as xbubble (I used to be upstream maintainer) or widelands.

I am involved in some projects at the Electrolab, and I like them very much, although they are far from being done yet. I am a happy member of the LDN associative Intenet Service Provider.

Check my other contributions on GitHub, OpenHub or CoderWall.

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