I am an official Debian developer, although I don't spend enough time for debian these days. You never do.

In the past, I used for example to be one of the coordinators of debian french translators group for several years (but I resigned over a decade ago). I contributed the po4a framework, allowing to translate easily any kind of documentation. I had to pass over the maintainance to Nekral for about 10 years due to lack of time, and kinda took it back when Nekral had to go.
I am also the official Debian maintainer of quilt, a tool to allowing to survive with a pile of patches against a changing source tree. This tool, written by Andrew Morton and Andreas Gruenbacher, is now one of the core component of the debian packaging system.
I package several games, such as widelands, minetest, flare or frogatto.

I am involved in some projects at the Electrolab, and I like them very much, although they are far from being done yet. I was a happy member of the LDN associative Intenet Service Provider when I used to live in Nancy.

Check my other contributions on GitHub, OpenHub or CoderWall.

Stuff YOU could implement

Of course I would love you to fix bugs in the programs I'm interested in.

For now, po4a cannot deal with the formats that mix all languages on the same document, such as Desktop files, debconf or Ini files. For that, po4a should be extended with a looping construct. In addition to the t() method that adds translated content to the produced file, you would have a loop() and a endloop() methods to specify block repetitions. This sounds complex, but I think that this is actually rather easy instead. You'd even learn Perl in the process ;)

AutoMultipleChoice should allow Parsons Problems.

It would be cool to have a command-line tool for searching Linux commands such as this one, but relying on local and FOSS resources instead of google online services.

The Programmer's Learning Machine offers a list of potential contributions that are waiting for you.

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