I'm a Full Professor at ENS Rennes since 2015, member of the Myriads project-team in the Irisa laboratory. This is in Rennes, France.

On the personal side, I'm 2A (in hexadecimal, of course), married and with three great boys. My nickname is emptty, and I'm a convinced kopimist (but also pastafarist).

English Curriculum Vitæ (Feb'14); French Curriculum Vitæ (Feb'17).

Distributed Systems (details)

My main research is about experimentation methodologies for large-scale distributed systems. Selected projects:

  • SimGrid is a framework to build simulators of large scale distributed applications.
  • Member of the Hac Specis project funded by Inria. My participation is about the formal verification of HPC programs.
  • Former Project leader of SONGS, funded by the ANR (2012-2016), toward sound studies in Grids, P2P, Clouds and HPC.

Current Students and Engineers

  • Loic Guegan: PhD on simulation of IoT platforms.
  • The Anh Pham: PhD on formal verification.
  • Toufic Boubehziz: Engineer on SimGrid.
  • Open Internship Positions: here.

Teaching (details)

  • Programming: Introduction to programming, Object programming with Java, C programming and introduction to UNIX.
  • Systems: System Programming, Operating System Design.
  • Distribution: Distributed Algorithms, Grid Computing.

Computer Science Education (details)

The Programmer's Learning Machine (PLM) is both an exerciser for the students and a research project on understanding programming tasks with the help of learning analytics.

Hacking (details)

Debian developer — I like to hack little projects together.

Great fan of scientific mediation; Author of outreach activities.