Position: Professor at ENS Rennes since 2015.
Research teams: Myriads at Irisa lab, the SimGrid projet, SONGS at ANR, and the MOOC lab at Inria.
Family: Married to Armelle, with three great boys.
Age: 28 (in hexadecimal, of course)
Nickname: emptty
Religions: pastafarism and kopimism.
Motto: I never finish anyth

Distributed Systems (details)

My main research is about experimentation methodologies for large-scale distributed systems. Current projects:

  • SimGrid is a framework to build simulators of large scale distributed applications.
  • Project leader of SONGS, funded by the ANR (2012-2016), toward sound studies in Grids, P2P, Clouds and HPC.

Current Students and Engineers

  • The Anh Pham: PhD on formal verification.
  • Toufic Boubehziz: Engineer on SimGrid.
  • Betsegaw Lemma: master on cloud simulation.
  • Open Internship Positions: here.

Teaching (details)

  • Programming: Introduction to programming, Object programming with Java, Software design with Java, C programming and introduction to UNIX.
  • Systems: System Programming, Operating System Design.
  • Distribution: Distributed Algorithms, Grid Computing.

Computer Science Education (details)

The Programmer's Learning Machine is both an exerciser for the students and a research project on understanding programming tasks with the help of learning analytics.

Hacking (details)

Debian developer — I like to hack little projects together.

Great fan of scientific mediation: member of the relevant committee in my research center; Author of outreach activities.

More information

English Curriculum Vitæ (February 2014); French Curriculum Vitæ (Feb 2017).