SimGrid: the Chuck Norris of distributed systems' simulation

This framework aims at allowing the simulation of distributed systems. It was first introduced by H. Casanova at University of California, San Diego in 1998. Since 2004, I am the main software architect of this project, redeveloped in collaboration with A. Legrand. It lasts 140k lines, mostly in C. This redesign, and the resulting scientific improvement, allowed to greatly increase the tool impact, from a few individuals in 2003 to a large community of hundreds of world-wide scientists.

This project constitutes the landscape of most of my current research developments. We recently added model-checking abilities to the framework, and are currently in the process of distributing and parallelizing the Discrete Event Simulator underlying SimGrid. This tool and its well controlled context allows us to easily explore some more generic issues applying to any Experimental Methodology for Large-Scale Distributed Systems, such as Open Science or Data analysis.

More platforms with PDA and Simulacrum

You can find more platform files from the Platform Description Archive. You may find on the PDA web page the Simulacrum tool to generate your own platforms. This is however quite possible that the version there gets outdated. Here is the lastest version I have: pda-090707.jar.

The SimGrid Insider News

The goal of this newsletter is to give to anyone interested a good overview of what's going on in the SimGrid community. It's titled it SimGrid Insider News, in the hope that everyone on this list can become an insider.

Scalable simulation of distributed systems : grid simulator, P2P simulator, MPI simulator