This site is made with ikiwiki. This is a tool for blogging and wiki mantainance which is perfectly suited to the little hacker in you. The first advantage in my mind is that the pages are not rendered on demand, but pre-compiled as plain html files. I know that doing the opposite is something that wordpress people and others consider as a feature, but it is not the way I'm feeling. In fact this web page is not that dynamic, and there is absolutely no need to recompute the layout for each visitor again and again (until you consider that my page *that* little visitors -- I know how mean you can be sometimes).

It is perfectly integrated in the hacker toolchain, too. All files are text based (no binary database). Moreover, it is really intended to be used jointly with git (but other versionning systems may be used instead). Other hint of its hacker-orientation, ikiwiki is not very well documented unfortunately. Its documentation is in a wiki, but I find it quite difficult to navigate. That may be because I prefer to have fewer dense pages while the wiki has a lot of lighter pages. This tends to disturb and disorient me.

Finally, the code itself is written in perl, which happens to be a language that I know and that I feel adapted to such text transformation mechanism. But in fact, I guess that most users don't modify ikiwiki source code since it contains already a lot. The little things that I've done myself are documented here.