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A word of warning

Beginners in programming sometimes think that nobody will notice if they take the code of someone, change it a bit, and put their name on it. This is wrong! and this is not true! Moving chunks of code around is like moving food around on your plate to disguise the fact that you havn't eated all your brussel sprouts (as would say Dan): it's not helping.

Comics de Bill Amend sur la triche

(By Bill Amend, 2002)

Working in group is a very good thing. Checking the classical solutions is often a good idea to not reinvent the wheel. Discussing your assignments with colleagues is certainly the way to go, and you will probably need to do some drawing on a board at some point. But be careful! The danger zone begins when you read the code of someone else.

Taking the code of someone else (either found on Internet or from a friend) and putting your name on it has a name. This is called plagiarism, and it's certainly a deadly sin in the University.

I will certainly detect your fraud. Everyone has its own coding style that you can recognize from reading the source. In addition, there is some very good plagiarism detection tools out there. My favorite one is MOSS.

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