This page contains some stuff somehow related to my researches, but not very serious. They are actually intended to be funny, sorry for being such a geek...

Scientific genealogy

I investigated my scientific genealogy a bit. Here is what I came up with in this meta-research operation:

I didn't go any further since I feel like a Computer Scientist, not a Mathematician, so the roots of my scientific genealogy in mathematics seem less relevant to me, but if you are interested, click here to continue exploring this genealogy further on the Mathematics Genealogy Project. The proof is that my Erdös Number is 4: me, Emmanuel Jeannot, Michel Cosnard, Gabriel M. Silberman, Paul Erdös. That's rather high for a non-infinite value of that ranking.

Yeah, such ranking are kinda ridiculous, but not much more than the h-index or the i10 index ;)

Tumblr on Lab life

Here is a tumblr gathering stupid animated gifs illustrating the lab life. Some examples are following. Yep, that's stupid and useless, but that's the whole purpose, actually.

When I went to a PhD defense for the first time

 When I got enrolled in a PhD program

 When I compare hypotheses with my advisor

When I’ve been binge-writing for 3 weeks

When graduation is getting closer

When I give tips to a new PhD student