Last year, I obtained a teaching exemption for one year. I didn't ask for it because I don't like teaching, I love it. But I decided to take some more time to finish some ongoing stuff, and start thinking about writing my Habilitation. It worked quite well: I was granted the exemption, managed to get the SONGS project accepted, published several important papers, and come up with a working outline for my habilitation.

A while ago, I applied for a second year of exemption to finish the writting, with the following slides. It went quite well and I think that I have good chances to get that second year.

I think that this presentation is insteresting because I had only 10 minutes to present my application. I thus had to find a ... concise way to present my research work. At the end, I kinda like this presentation, even if as usual, the slides are probably ways too loaded of content. Anyway, here they are.

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