Last Friday, I had a hearing to see if I can get a "Delegation", ie an exemption from teaching service next year (and possibly the one after). There is a system in France where you can get such things once or twice in your carrier at the points where you need to focus on your research to pass a specific point. This often comes with another specificity of the French academic system: the PhD thesis is not the highest grade here. There is a Habilitation which is like a second thesis 4 to 10 years (or more) after the PhD. The intend is to proove that you are ready to become a full professor. Of course, writing this requires some time, and that's exactly the motivation of most people to ask a delegation: You get one or two years free of teaching, and you have the time to write the Habilitation.

So. Here is the presentation. It's quite short since the hearing was 10mn + 5mn questions only. It still constitute a good summary (although super short) of my recent and planned activity. As you all guessed, the slides after the "Agenda" one are question material.

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