Today was the final evaluation of the USS SimGrid project. For that, we were asked to present the project in 25 minutes and with one poster. That's rather short, even when the project were very successful, but that's the way to go. The posters are particularly interesting since we reused the structure of the poster presented two years ago. It eases the comparison between the objectives and the achievements.

The presentation went rather well, and the main questions were about the correction of the tested software. That's interesting because we have a (prototypal) model-checker integrated into SimGrid, but it wasn't the focus of the USS project. I have the feeling that it shows that starting this work on formal methods in SimGrid were a good idea.

Anyway. Here are the slides and the posters.

Download PDF

For the curious, here are the sources of these presentations and posters: 1201-Lyon.tar.bz2, poster-2010.tar.bz2 and poster-2012.tar.bz2.