Recently, I got three paper rejection notices in a row.

The paper on with Cristian on model-checking and SimGrid was rejected from EuroPar. Its pitch was "it is possible to add model-checking to any general purpose application simulator because both kind of tools share several underlying concepts". One of the reviewers said that this work was not new since "The basic methodology of using a test environment (though not an existing simulation framework) for model checking is well-known". That's really frustrating: we clearly failed to let our pitch pass in the paper: the point is exactly about existing simulation frameworks! We now have to rework the paper for resubmission. Cristian is done, with the integration of neats dynamic partial ordering stuff, and I'm blocking because I have to port GRAS to the new simix_network module to ease the evaluation section of the paper.

The paper with Sabina and Stephan on model-checking and TLA+ was rejected from ICTAC. We had one strong reject, one weak reject, one weak accept and one strong accept as reviews... At the end, we decided to rewrite the article from scratch and resubmit it to IFM. Thanks to Sabina and Stephan, because they rewrote the paper in one week only, the week were I had absolutely no time because of teaching (granting students projects). Will see the outcome (on July 4).

Earlier this year, the paper with Frederic about simulacrum got rejected from CCGrid. We got one strong accept (but with a 4 lines review) and 2 weak rejects complaining about the lack of technical content. After the previous rejection of the same paper (at a europar workshop last year) because of the abundent technical details, that's a good average I guess. That's the third rejection of the various version of this paper. The first one was to simutools a long while ago. We still think that the problem is interesting and that the tool is the beginning of a good answer to that problem, so we resubmitted it to the 3PGCIC conference. The good thing is that the answer will come rather soon: June 20.

That's rather annoying to realize that you are unable to get any of your ideas accepted. But that's life I guess...