This posts are my laboratory logs. This is my attempt at following the Open Science approach. Some of my collegues also keep their open lab notebooks:

I keep here track of how I did my experiments so that I can re-examine my methodology afterward. I make these logs public so that my collegues can read them and comment. I know that they are often too terse to be understod, and I mix french and english, too. I'm sorry. If you don't like them, proceed and don't read them.

LabLog: Relance l'XP aggregation
Posted sam. 10 mars 2012 19:12:55
LabLog: XP aggregation
Posted sam. 28 janv. 2012 17:30:07
LabLog: Nouvelle XP Zoo
Posted ven. 27 janv. 2012 23:10:09
LabLog: XP pour confirmer/infirmer les modèles de SMPI
Posted ven. 27 janv. 2012 15:37:07