Today, we were in Paris for the evaluation of the ANR project that is currently pushing the SimGrid framework forward. SONGS targets at the Simulation Of Next Generation Systems, such as Grids, P2P, Clouds and HPC.

The discussion was fruitful, as the experts enlighted us about how to better present the versatility of our framework. The presentation is clearly too split along the WP, where I could have focused the presentation on the internal structuration of the framework. It's certainly a pitty that the idea that SimGrid is architectured as an Operating System is only presented in the last question slide. I'll improve it next time.

Another point that we discussed a lot was about the sustained development of the project after the end of the ANR funding. This is certainly one of our current focus in SimGrid. That is why we organise so many SimGrid User's Days and "working workshops" to help our (potential) users to get the grasp of SimGrid. I am delighted to see that the rythm of external contributions to the framework is increasing. As examples, I could cite A. Giersch, that is handling so much on the technical side of SimGrid, or A.-C. Orgerie, that contributed recently a complete model of energy consumption to the framework.

This evolution is really our main goal for the next years. If you think that something is missing in SimGrid, please contact us. We are looking forward helping you getting the maximum of the framework.

As a conclusion, the evaluation went very well in my sense. The challenges for the next 2 years are exciting, and I'm glad to be part of this adventure.

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