Today, I gave yet another presentation on SimGrid, yet quite different from the others. First, it was not my slides, but Arnaud prepared them (of course I proved psychotic enough to rewrite most of the text, but that's a detail). Then, the presentation was not centred on SimGrid itself. Actually, that was part of the Hemera evaluation seminar. Hemera is an Inria Large Scale Initiative on the experimentation of large scale infrastructures. It's mainly about Grid'5000 but not only. I have the feeling that its scope should be much wider and that SimGrid could constitute an additional scientific instrument that Hemera people may want to use. That would allow to put a clear separation between Grid'5000 and Hemera, extending the scope of Hemera to any kind of experiments for these platforms. But I may seem a bit pushy when stating so, so I won't go too much into that direction myself, beside of writing it on a public blog...

For the record, the presentation we did when the Hemera initiative was launched, two and half years ago, are still available here. We didn't notice them before writing the current slides, and that's funny to see how some stuff changed and some stuff remains. I'm ashamed to see that almost nothing of the "interaction within Hemera" section became true. Well, yes. The interactions with the experimentation working group are very (very) developed, actually. But not the others, that's something we want to fix in the next period. The very good point is that we now have much more results than opinions, which was clearly not the case in 2010!

If you were looking for the other slides of this evaluation session, head here.

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