Last friday, I gave a presentation to the Application Performance Management (APM) workshop, hosted by the ceCMG conference. The pitch of my talk was that HPC infrastructures hosting the scientific computations and the cloud infrastructes hosting the corporate IT services were converging rapidly. I really think that even if both world (science and business) are not quite used to work together yet, we'll work more and more together in the near future.

It comes as a followup to my presentation last year about how the performance of applications in HPC can be assessed.

It went very well, even if I was dead tired because of other obligations, and the discussion was fruitfull. The format of this event is 20' of presentation and 10' of questions, and I hope that it will move to a 20'+20' next year so that we can really enjoy the talks without stress due to the time. Will see.

Next year, I'll try to do a presentation on how scientific computing moved away from IBM supercomputers by pushing and sharing open source solutions. It'll be interesting to see what the business world think of this idea. They may like it, they may hate it. I'm thrilled ;)

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