Today was a administrative day. After Reviewing peers' article, I wrote the status report of the USS-SimGrid ANR project. That's funny that I spend so much time evaluating others' work and explaining how well I did myself when N.Sarkozy tells that researchers are not evaluated... Ok, I'd better not start on this point.

The Uss-SimGrid is a three year project (2009-2011) funded by the French Research National Agency under contract no. ANR-08-SEGI-022. I'm very glad to be the principal investigator of this project. The goal is to improve further the SimGrid simulator, principally to allow its use in the peer-to-peer research. For that, the main goal is to drastically increase the tool scalability, but not only: we also have to add statistical tools to handle the huge log files resulting from P2P experiments.

The project web page is here while the document we filled to get the project accepted is here.

By the way, we are hiring. If you are interested by an engineer position, please contact me.