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Francois Bodin held various research positions at University of Rennes I (IRISA UMR 6074) and at the INRIA research lab. His contribution includes new approaches for exploiting high performance processors in scientific computing and in embedded applications.  He cofounded CAPS ( in 2002 while he was a Professor at University of Rennes I and in January 2008 he becomes the company CTO. He is also at the origin of another company, TOCEA ( that focuses on control of source code quality and refactoring. In 2013 he is back at Irisa ( on a Professor position.

Holder of the chair “Mobility in a sustainable city” awarded by the Rennes 1 Foundation.

He is a member of

  • the ORAP scientific committee.

He was a member of

  • (2015-2016) the National Committee for Research Section 6 (CoNRS);
  • the EU FET Advisory Group;
  • the ANR Scientific Prospective Committee (CPSD).


Professor François Bodin
Irisa, Campus de Beaulieu
35042 Rennes


University of Rennes              HDR                                               1997
University of Rennes              Computer Science Ph.D.            1989
University of Rennes              Computer Science M.S.              1986

Research Interests

HPC, compilation, code optimization, parallel programming environments, exascale computing

Professional Experience

2013-present Professor at University of Rennes 1
2008-2012 CTO and co-founder, CAPS enterprise
2012-present Guest Research Fellow at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2010-2011 Chairman of the Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systèmes Aléatoires (Irisa)
1998-2008 Professor at University of Rennes 1, research team CAPS at Irisa
1991-2007 Assistant professor at University of Rennes 1
1989-1990 Post-doc at Indiana University

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications

Miao Wang, François Bodin: Compiler-directed memory management for heterogeneous MPSoCs. Journal of Systems Architecture – Embedded Systems Design 57(1): 134-145 (2011)

Grigori Fursin, Yuriy Kashnikov, Abdul Wahid Memon, Zbigniew Chamski, Olivier Temam, Mircea Namolaru, Elad Yom-Tov, Bilha Mendelson, Ayal Zaks, Eric Courtois, François Bodin, Phil Barnard, Elton Ashton, Edwin V. Bonilla, John Thomson, Christopher K. I. Williams, Michael F. P. O’Boyle: Milepost GCC: Machine Learning Enabled Self-tuning Compiler. International Journal of Parallel Programming 39(3): 296-327 (2011)

Khaled Z. Ibrahim, François Bodin: Efficient SIMDization and data management of the Lattice QCD computation on the Cell Broadband Engine. Scientific Programming 17(1-2): 153-172 (2009)

François Bodin, Stéphane Bihan: Heterogeneous multicore parallel programming for graphics processing units. Scientific Programming 17(4): 325-336 (2009)

Karine Heydemann, François Bodin, Peter M. W. Knijnenburg, Laurent Morin: UFS: a global trade-off strategy for loop unrolling for VLIW architectures. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 18(11): 1413-1434 (2006)

Gilles Pokam, Stéphane Bihan, Julien Simonnet, François Bodin: SWARP: a retargetable preprocessor for multimedia instructions. Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 16(2-3): 303-318 (2004)

Antoine Monsifrot, François Bodin, Rene Quiniou: A Machine Learning Approach to Automatic Production of Compiler Heuristics. AIMSA 2002: 41-50

Erven Rohou, François Bodin, Christine Eisenbeis, André Seznec: Handling Global Constraints in Compiler Strategy. International Journal of Parallel Programming 28(4): 325-345 (2000)

Toru Kisuki, Peter M. W. Knijnenburg, Michael F. P. O’Boyle, François Bodin, Harry A. G. Wijshoff: A Feasibility Study in Iterative Compilation. ISHPC 1999: 121-132

Stéphane Chauveau, François Bodin: Menhir: An environment for high performance Matlab. Scientific Programming 7(3-4): 303-312 (1999)

François Bodin, André Seznec: Skewed Associativity Improves Program Performance and Enhances Predictability. IEEE Trans. Computers 46(5): 530-544 (1997)

Position Papers

Program Committees

IWOCL’15, MEMOCODE’14, ASPLOS 2014, PACT 2013 (co-chair), Hipeac 2013, CC2013, SC13 (tutorials), EXADAPT 2012, SC12, ICS12, HeteroPar’2012, ISPA 2012, IUCC 2012, ICPP 2012, INTERACT-16, CGO 2011, GPGPU-4, HPCCloud2011,  SMART 2011, PpopP2010, EUC 2010, MuCoCoS 2010

Graduate and Postdoc Advisors

Graduate Advisor: Prof. Patrice Quinton (ENS)
Graduate Advisor: Dr. François Charot (Inria)
Post-graduate Advisor: Prof. Dennis Gannon (Indiana University)

Thesis Advisor

Christophe Levointurier, Eric Petit, Ronan Amicel, Karine Heydemann, Laurent Morin, Laurent Bertaux, Stéphane Chauveau, Gilles Pokam,  Yann Mével, Antoine Monsifrot, Thierry Montaut, Yves Robin, Lionel Kervella, Erven Rohou, Dan Truong


Member of Hipeac Network (

Last invited talks can be found at or

Contributions to: ETP4HPC Strategic Research Agenda (, Multicore Programming Practice Guide (, EESI and EXDCI European strategies toward the exascale computing.

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