GNIBGA Wedan Emmanuel

Computer science PhD candidate (Final year)
wedan-emmanuel DOT gnibga AT irisa DOT fr

About Me

Phd Student at INRIA/IRISA Rennes.

Working with Anne-C├ęcile ORGERIE and Anne BLAVETTE in the Magellan team.
Topic : Modeling and optimization of Edge infrastructures and their electrical systems

Summary : connected objects are gradually influencing our lifestyle, with an ever-growing range of applications such as health equipment, smart buildings, smart networks, connected vehicles, smart cities, etc. They interact with high performance infrastructures such as the Cloud to store information, share data or perform computation. Consequently, the Cloud infrastructures are in rapid grow to meet the objects demand, raising some electrical and environmental challenges. Today, for latency constraints, Cloud resources are pushed to the edge of the communication networks, bringing the service close to the users, hence the concept of Edge Computing. The aim of this amazing research journey is to model the Edge Computing infrastructures, their interaction with the end users and the quality of service they deliver. Along with the infrastructure design, we explore algorithms to optimize its operation. Moreover, an important facet of our research concerns investigating and optimizing electrical designs to power these infrastructures based on renewable energy.

Project supported by the CNRS MITI interdisciplinary programs.


2023 : Recipient of the "outstanding paper award" at the IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS)
2017-2018 : Recipient of the "best Burkinabe engineering student in Morocco" award from the Union of the Burkinabe Students and Trainees in Morocco (AEBM)
2016-2017 : Recipient of the "best foreign engineering student in Morocco" award from Confederation of Foreign African Students and Trainees in Morocco Link
2015-2020 : Recipient of the bilateral cooperation scholarship from BURKINA FASO and the Kingdom of MOROCCO to study at the Cadi Ayyad University, Marrakesh, MOROCCO
2014-2015 : Recived the "Academie des jeunes lumiere" award from the prime minister of BURKINA FASO Link
2014-2015 : Recipient of the national "Tableau d'Honneur" award from the Burkina Impulsion in collaboration with the minitry of education and the national television of BURKINA FASO
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