I had the teaching assistant position in the Computer Science and Electronics Department (ISTIC) and intervained in the following disciplines :

Year Course Audience Tutorials Practical sessions Volume
2023-2024 IPD Master 1st year 0h 21h 21h
2023-2024 SCR-Projet Bachelor 3rd year 0h 10.5h 10.5h
2023-2024 BD Bachelor 3rd year MIAGE 12h 6h 18h
2023-2024 RES Bachelor 2nd year 0h 21h 21h
2022-2023 BD Bachelor 3rd year MIAGE 12h 8h 20h
2022-2023 INFORMATIQUE 2 Bachelor 1st year 6h 18h 24h
2022-2023 INFORMATIQUE 1 Bachelor 1st year 0h 20h 20h


  • IPD : Introduction to distributed programming
    • Objectives : Encrypted sockets (SSL/TLS/NIO), Remote Procedure Calls (RPC), Message-Oriented Middleware(MOM), Web - HTTP, Servlet and JSP (Java Server Page)
    • Tool/Language : JAVA
    • Course leader : Dr. Yoann Maurel
  • RES : Networking basis
    • Objectives : Internet and OSI models, communication protocols, basic network control commands, sockets
    • Tool/Language : Python
    • Course leader : Pr. C├ęsar Viho
  • SCR-Projet: Network administration
      Objectives : Subnetting/Vlans, Static and Dyamic Network Address Translation (NAT)
    • Tool/Language : Cisco equipment, minicom
    • Course leader : Dr. Francois Lemercier
  • BD : Database
    • Objectives: Physical storage of data (disk architecture) , organisation and representation of the data in disk, relational algebra, database management systems, SQL, request/transaction optimization
    • Tool/Language : Oracle, SQL
    • Course leader : Pr. David Gross-Amblard
  • INFORMATIQUE 2: Operating principles of computer systems
    • Objectives : Filesystem, experimenting Shannon's theory of information and entropy, research project on Natural Language, introduction to python programming
    • Tool/Language : Python
    • Course leader : Pr. Olivier Ridoux
  • INFORMATIQUE 1 : Introduction to algorithms and programming
    • Objectives: Introduction to algorithmic, basics of java programming, a simple game development project
    • Tool/Language : JAVA
    • Course leader : Dr. Patrick Derbez

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