Current students


  1. Arthur Queffelec. PhD, 2018-202?. Trade-off between Robustness and Optimality in Strategic Reasoning. (co-supervised with Ocan Sankur)
  2. Sébastien Lê Cong. PhD 2017-202?. (co-supervised with Sophie Pinchinat)

Formal students


  1. Tristan Charrier. PhD, 2015-201?. Epistemic planning in a multi-robot system. (co-supervised with Sophie Pinchinat)

Other students

  1. Anass Lalkha, master student at University Rennes 1, M1 Summer internship 2017. Generation of possible worlds from a symbolic representation of a Kripke model. Implementation in the tool Hintikk'a World (co-supervised with Tristan Charrier).
  2. Arthur Queffelec. MSc thesis, 2018. Trade-off between Robustness and Optimality in Strategic Reasoning. (co-supervised with Ocan Sankur)
  3. Gaëtan Doueneau-Tabot. Bachelor thesis, 2016 Dynamic epistemic models and automatic structures. (co-supervised with Sophie Pinchinat)
  4. Eva Soulier, student at INSA Rennes, M1 Summer internship 2017. Model checking for generating strategies for UAVs (co-supervised with Tristan Charrier).
  5. Tristan Charrier. MSc thesis, 2014. Communications with cameras in epistemic modal logic. (co-supervised with Sophie Pinchinat)
  6. Gaspard Douady. MSc thesis, 2013. An automaton approach to Kripke semantics (co-supervised with Sophie Pinchinat)


  1. DISTOL (DIStributed and STOchastic systems, Logic)
  2. DELOREL (Dynamic epistemic logic in real-life), "Défi Infinity CNRS 2017" project

Other scientific activities

  1. Program chair of RJCIA2018
  2. Co-organizer of ROBOLOG2017, TTL2015
  3. PC member of AAMAS2018, AAAI2018, IJCAI2018, KR2018, PRIMA2018, Dare2018, AAMAS2017, IJCAI2017, PRIMA2017, RJCIA2017, PRIMA2015, AAMAS 2015, DARe-15@IJCAI2015, DARe-14@ECAI2014, CLIMA2014, IDAS@ESSLLI2014, IJCAI2011
  4. Local organizer of LOFT 2010
  5. Reviewer for AAMAS2018, AAAI2018, IJCAI2018, KR2018, PRIMA2018, Dare2018, FCT2017, RSL2017, CSL 2016, DARe-16, PRIMA2016, IJCAI2016, RJCIA2016, KR2016, STACS2016, PRIMA2015, SR2015, LORI2015, CONCUR2015, TARK2015, ICLA2015, AAMAS 2014, AIMSA2014, CLIMA2014, AiML2014, TARK 2013, AAMAS 2013, MSR 2013, MAROC 2013, AAAI 2011, TARK 2011, ICAART 2010, M4M 2010, AiML 2010, AAMAS 2009, COMSOC 2008, AiML 2008
  6. Reviewer for Synthese, JANCL, Studia Logica, The Review of Symbolic Logic, Artificial Intelligence Journal, Fondamentae informatica
  7. Jury member of the thesis of Thomas Caridroit (Lens, 13 december 2016)
  8. Scientific council at ENS Rennes (2014-)


  1. Knowledge-Based Policies for Qualitative Decentralized POMDPs. Rennes, 25 january 2018, 14h. Slides
  2. Hintikka’s World. Bochum, 16 december 2017. Doxastic Agency and Epistemic Logic. Notes
  3. IME (Institut médico-éducatif) Le 3 Mâts, Betton, 23 january 2017. Discussion for a potential software for children. Slides
  4. Intelligent artificial agents that detect and produce lies Lorentz center workshop. The Invention of Lying: Language, Logic & Cognition from 9 Jan 2017 through 13 Jan 2017. Slides
  5. Overview about Epistemic planning A decade of ICR, Luxembourg, 17-18 march 2016
  6. Asynchronous announcements in a public channel at the rump session at the workshop 'To be announced', 17-21 august 2015 (link: extended abstract)
  7. Tutorial: Dynamic epistemic logic and complexity results, Labex Cimi, 22 june 2015
  8. Arbitrary public announcement logic with mental programs, Labex Cimi, 23 june 2015
  9. Arbitrary public announcement logic with mental programs, ANR DynRes meeting, 13 april 2015
  10. Flatland logic Kanazawa Workshop for Epistemic Logic and its Dynamic Extensions, 21-22 february 2014.
  11. Big Brother Logic. 68NQRT, IRISA, Rennes (Mini workshop for the PhD defense of Bastien Maubert), 16 january 2014
  12. Flatland logic: robots and cameras. "Planning with epistemic goals". Dagstuhl seminar. 15 january 2014
  13. On the Complexity of Dynamic Epistemic Logic. International workshop "Believing, planning, acting, revising", 5 july 2013.
  14. Flatland logic. VaToMAS Dagstuhl seminar, 1 may 2013.
  15. About Automated Reasoning and Dynamic Epistemic Logic. Free university of Bolzano, 19 june 2012.
  16. One hour Tour in STIT Countryside. University of Luxembourg, 21 may 2012.
  17. Tableau Method and NEXPTIME-Completeness of DEL-Sequents. University of Luxembourg, 27 february 2012.
  18. Tableau Method and NEXPTIME-Completeness of DEL-Sequents. Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 26 january 2012.
  19. Complexity results of STIT fragments. Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 19 january, 2012.
  20. Trois applications de la logique modale. CAPP-café. LIG, Grenoble, 5 may 2011.
  21. Seeing, knowing, doing. 68NQRT, IRISA, Rennes, 31 march 2011.
  22. Quelques outils pédagogiques pour un cours de logique, séminaire pédagogique, IRISA, Rennes, 29 march 2011.
  23. Seeing, knowing, doing. Saarbrucken, Max Planck Institute, 14 december 2010.