Eurolab-4-HPC Long-Term Vision on High-Performance Computing

“Radical changes in computing are foreseen for the next decade. The US IEEE society wants to “reboot computing” and the HiPEAC Vision 2017 sees the time to “re-invent computing”, both by challenging its basic assumptions. This document presents the “EuroLab-4-HPC Long-Term Vision on High-Performance Computing” of August 2017, a road mapping effort within the EC CSA1 Eurolab-4-HPC that targets potential changes in hardware, software, and applications in High-Performance Computing (HPC)…”

Available here:–final-vision.3718a25ff0dd.pdf

Locality-Aware Automatic Parallelization for GPGPU with OpenHMPP Directives

The paper International Journal of Parallel Programming here

IWOCL 2015, OpenCL Workshop, 12-13 May, Stanford University

All informations here:

ENTRE workshop 2015, 19th January, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

ENTRE Workshop at HIPEAC program:

ISC Call for workshops

Call for workshops at ISC 2015. Topics include HPC computer architecture and hardware, programming models, system software, and applications, solutions for heterogeneity, reliability, power efficiency of systems, as well as big data and cloud computing.

Software tools for next generation computing

Workshop on software tools and methods organized (Brussels – June 24th, 2014) by European Commission available  here:


CAPS OpenACC compiler source code for sale

Due to bankruptcy, the source code of CAPS OpenACC 2.0 compiler is for sale.
This compiler is source to source and able to generate Cuda and OpenCL code.
The source code includes a Fortran front-end.

People interested can contact the official liquidator, Marie-Claire Després
at (


Exascale Software and NVM Technologies

A position paper here:

Automatic Parallelization for GPGPU with OpenHMPP Directives

7th International Symposium on High-level Parallel Programming and Applications (HLPP2014)

Jose M. Andion, Manuel Arenaz, François Bodin, Gabriel Rodríguez and Juan Tourino, Locality-Aware Automatic Parallelization for GPGPU with OpenHMPP Directives 

International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compiler Techniques

PACT 2013 will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland from 7th – 11th of September: