Caroline Larboulette

Associate Professor (MCF)
University of South Brittany
Campus de Tohannic
56000 Vannes

Contact Information:
Tel: (+33)2 97 01 72 08
Office Hours: Email only


Since november 2020, I am deputy head of the MIS (Mathematics - Computer Science - Statistics) department of the University of South Brittany and head of the Computer Science division of the department.

I am also responsible of the Licence degree of Computer Science and the Master degree of Computer Science.

In november 2019, I joined the steering committee of the GdR Informatique Géométrique et Graphique, Réalité Virtuelle et Visualisation (GdR IG-RV) of the CNRS INS2i. In addition, I am co-head of the Groupe de Travail Animation et Simulation (GTAS) of this GdR.


The book Traité de la Réalité Virtuelle, volume 5 about Virtual Reality to which I participated (chapter 8 on the deformable layers of virtual humans) can be ordered here.

Research Interests

My primary research interest focuses on movement analysis and synthesis, animation of deformable models and character animation in real-time (signing avatars). Analysis and synthesis of movement is guided by perception. I am also interested in Global Illumination algorithms, modeling and Computational Aesthetics.

My research interests and achievements are detailed here.

PhD and Master Students

* Tiago Brizolara, Ph.D. Student 2018-2020 (Interactive Applications for Live Performances from Human Motion Capture) with co-advisor Sylvie Gibet. Related publication: Elemental, NIME2020.
* Lucie Naert, who defended her Ph.D. Thesis Capture, Annotation and Synthesis of Motions for the Data-Driven Animation of Sign Language Avatars in July 2020, with co-advisor Sylvie Gibet. Related publications: STAR, LSF-ANIMAL Corpus, Annotation of Hand Movement Data, Annotation of Manual Configurations, Coarticulation Analysis, LSF Motion Synthesis using Phonological Recombination.
* Clément Reverdy, who defended his Ph.D. Thesis Data-Driven Annotation and Synthesis of Facial Expressions in French Sign Language in December 2019, with co-advisor Sylvie Gibet. Related publications: STAR, Optimal Marketset, Annotation of Facial Data, Annotation and Synthesis using Blendshapes.
* Pablo Quesada, who defended his Master Thesis Burning Paper: Simulation at the Fiber's Level in July 2010. Related publication: Burning of Paper.
* Javier Alcon, who defended his Master Thesis A Study of the Influence of Dynamic Wrinkles on the Perceived Realism of Real-Time Character Animations in July 2010, with co-advisor David Travieso Garcia. Related publication: Influence of Dynamic Wrinkles on the Perceived Realism of Real-Time Character Animations.
* Javi Macias, who defended his Master Thesis Marching Quads: an Implicit Surface Poligonizer Optimized for Models to be Animated in June 2010 (Mesh Generation)
* Juan Ramos, Ph.D. Student 2007-2009 (Anatomically Based Real-Time Character Animation). Related publications: poster 2009, journal paper 2013.
* José Juan Aliaga, Master student (Sea Anemones).

Teaching at University of South Brittany

Fall 2022

M1 AIDN - INF2110 - I2G Introduction to Computer Graphics
M2 AIDN - INF3001 - SAI Simulation and Interactive Applications

Previous Lectures

Conferences & Committees & Associations

ACM SIGGRAPH Specialized Conferences Committee Member since Aug 08
SCA Steering Committee 2009-2013
Madrid ACM SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter Creator and Vice President
ACM, ACM SIGGRAPH Member and Eurographics Lab Member

Program Committee Member

Member of the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics

CASA 2016
MOCO 2017
SIGGRAPH Unified Jury: 2016
MIG 2016

SIGGRAPH Unified Jury: 2016
SIGGRAPH Sketches and Posters: 2006, 2007
SIGGRAPH Asia Sketches and Posters: 2008, 2010, 2011
SCA (Symposium on Computer Animation): 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
CAe (Symposium on Computational Aesthetics): 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011
EXPRESSIVE (CAe + NPAR + SBIM): 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
CASA (Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents): 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
MIG (ACM SIGGRAPH International Conference on Motion in Games): 2012, 2013
MOCO (International Workshop on Movement and Computing): 2016, 2017
GRAPP: 2008, 2009, 2010
SITIS: 2009, 2012
WSCG: 2013
Eurographics Animation Theater 2006

Organizing Committee

SCA 2010 (Symposium on Computer Animation): Conference co-Chair with Francois Faure (University Joseph Fourier)
SCA 2006 (Symposium on Computer Animation): Posters Chair, Local Chair
ACM SIGGRAPH Sketches and Posters 2006: XSV Apprentice co-Chair with Hanspeter Pfister (Harvard University)

Publications & Talks

Publications (last 3)

You can find a complete list of my publications here.

A Greedy Algorithm for Generative String Art
Baptiste Demoussel, Caroline Larboulette and Ravi Dattatreya
In Proceedings of Bridges 2022: Mathematics, Art, Music, Architecture, Culture, Helsinki, Finland, Aug 2022.
Motion Synthesis and Editing for the Generation of new Sign Language Content : Building new Signs with Phonological Recombination
Lucie Naert, Caroline Larboulette and Sylvie Gibet
Machine Translation, Volume 35, page 405--430, Jun 2021.
A Survey on the Animation of Signing Avatars: From Sign Representation to Utterance Synthesis
Lucie Naert, Caroline Larboulette and Sylvie Gibet
Computers & Graphics, Volume 92, page 76--98, Nov 2020.

Invited Talks (last 3)

You can find a complete list of my talks and details here.

"Animating Virtual Characters and their Environment", Université de Bretagne Sud, Vannes, 25 Nov 2011.

"Character Animation: from Modeling to Rendering", Ecole polytechnique de l'université de Nantes, 2 Apr 2010.

"Real-Time 3D Character Animation", Trinity College Dublin, 29 Aug 2008.