About me

Currently, I am an engineer in the team SPICY.
I work on the Squirrel prover as part of the ERC project POPSTAR.
I am mainly interested in:
  • Formal methods
  • Automated deductions


In short
  • Master of computer science at ENS Rennes
  • Master of mathematics at Univ Rennes 1
  • Master of Education and technology at CRI

  • Engineer at IRISA, Rennes (Currently, 2021-2022)
  • Intership at IRIT, Toulouse (6 month, 2018)
  • Intership at CWI, Amesterdam (2 month, 2015)
  • Intership at LORIA, Nancy (2 month, 2014)

  • Mathematics teacher in highschool, Rouen (2018-2019)

More details
Complete resume (currently only in french, last update May 2022)


  • EDM 2019 Design and Evaluation of a Semantic Indicator for Automatically Supporting Programming Learning, Julien Broisin & Clément Hérouard
  • EIAH 2019 Soutien à l'apprentissage de la programmation : conception et évaluation d'un indicateur sémantique, Julien Broisin & Clément Hérouard