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Anne-Cécile Orgerie

CNRS Research Scientist

OFFICE: IRISA - F 225, Rennes

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Cours Green ICT (M2) 2018 - 2019


  • I. Introduction to (not) green ICT
    1. Energy consumption of ICT
    2. Green computing history
    3. Evolution of the energy consumption of ICT
  • II. Trails to green ICT from my research point of view
    • A. Computing side
      1. Data center level
      2. Understanding energy consumption
      3. Slowing down
      4. Switching off unused resources
      5. Exploiting virtualization capabilities
      6. Consuming renewable energy
    • B. Networking side
      1. Consumption of the Internet
      2. Optimizing hardware components
      3. Shutdown approach: put components to sleep
      4. Slowdown approach: adaptation to the needs
      5. Coordination approach: network-wide management and global solutions
      6. Wireless networks
  • III. To go a bit further
    1. ICT4Green
    2. Life Cycle Assessment
    3. Internet of many Things
  • IV. Useful Links


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