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Cours Green ICT (M2) 2018 - 2019

Lecture 1: Green ICT Introduction (29th Oct.)


  • Definition
  • ICT 4 Green
  • Sustainability
  • Electricity consumption of ICT
  • Green computing history
  • Are we going in the right direction?

Lecture 2: Electricity in the data center (29th Oct.)


  • Basic notions of electricity
  • Measuring power consumption
    • Wattmeters
    • Energy consumption in HPC supercomputers
    • Energy consumption in data centers
    • Energy efficiency metrics
  • Energy consumption of a server
  • Simulating energy

Lecture 3: Cooling data centers (30th Oct.)


  • Data center introduction
  • Operating temperature and hygrometry
  • Cooling approaches
    • Air-based cooling
    • Water-based cooling
    • Hybrid cooling (adiabatic cooling, water-cooled doors)
    • Oil-based cooling
  • Reusing heat

Lecture 4: Energy efficiency in data centers (30th Oct.)


  • Consolidation
  • On/off techniques
  • Energy-aware scheduling: constraint programming, greedy algorithms, meta-heuristics
  • Virtualization & migration

Lecture 5: Exploiting renewable energy (31st Oct.)


  • Renewable energy sources
  • Follow-the-sun, follow-the-wind
  • Opportunistic scheduling
  • Energy storage devices
  • Real scenarios
  • Research tracks: highly distributed architectures, nano data centers, edge clouds

Lecture 6: Energy efficient servers (31st Oct.)


  • CPU: sleep states & DVFS
  • Storage: memory, disks and tapes
  • Dedicated hardware: GPU, FPGA
  • Heterogeneous architectures: the big.LITTLE case
  • Software side: operating system, programming language, compiler optimization, algorithmic improvements
  • Service Level Agreements

Lecture 7: Energy efficiency in wired networks (31st Oct.)


  • Energy models for network devices: routers, switches and ports
  • Hardware optimizations
  • Shutdown approach: switching off, sleeping, proxying, rerouting
  • Slowdown approach: adaptive link rate
  • Low power idle
  • Overall coordination approaches

Lecture 8: Energy efficiency in wireless and optical networks (31st Oct.)


  • Wireless networks
    • Energy models
    • Sensor networks
    • Mobile phones
  • Energy efficiency in optical networks
  • Network virtualization
  • The human factor
  • Concluding remarks


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