Sylvie Gibet

Professor in Computer Science
University of Bretagne Sud
IRISA, Expression team


Office C105
Campus de Tohannic, rue Yves Mainguy
56000 Vannes, France
E-Mail: sylvie.gibet @

Research in Gesture

My current research focuses on the study of gesture and movement. My goal is to better understand human communication through expressive gesture, and to help users to better control and feel their interactions with simulated systems. This research involves several areas of computer science, including advanced sensory-motor interaction, computer graphics through virtual character animation, motion estimation and recognition, and automatic processing of signed languages. Beyond the general public who are more and more interested in motion-based interfaces, the main users are motion experts (health, disability, music, theater, etc.). My main application fields concern the study of gestures characterized by a high level of semantics and expressiveness, such as sign language gestures and musical gestures. Several research axes are considered:
  • Signing Avatars: text-to-sign and sign-to text translation in French Sign Language
  • Human Motion Synthesis: inversion and optimization models, concatenative synthesis, physical models
  • Motion Recognition: detection, classification, annotation, using machine learning methods
  • Musical Gestures: percussive, pianistic, conducting gestures, new digital instruments controlled by gestures
Keywords: Gesture, Movement, Expressiveness, Analysis, Recognition, Synthesis, Sign Language, Musical Gesture