Short biography
I have been a researcher at Inria Rennes Bretagne-Atlantique since 2010. I received my PhD from Politecnico di Milano in Italy in 2006; I then worked as a post-doctoral researcher both at Washington University in St. Louis (MO), and at Inria Rennes before being recruited as a permanent researcher in 2010. My research interests focus on the systemic aspects of large-scale distributed systems and more recently I have been investigating how decentralization can improve the management and analysis of large quantities of privacy-sensitive data. My contributions span diverse areas such as video streaming, recommendation systems, privacy, and social networks. I have co-supervised 4 PhD students and have been active in several national and International projects. In particular, I was an active member of the team working on Anne-Marie Kermmarrec’s Gossple ERC initiative, and I am currently WP leader in the O’Browser ANR project (ANR-16-CE25-0005-03).

For more details see my full CV.

Research Interests
  • Epidemic Protocols
  • Privacy-Preserving data analytics
  • Distributed Computing
  • Social Networks
  • Video Streaming
  • Content-Based routing and Publish-Subscribe

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