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RennesGrid is an ADEME (French Environment & Energy Management Agency) project for a Smart Grid demonstrator at the scale of a district led by Schneider Electric with Enercoop, Langa, and three laboratories: IRISA, IRIT and SATIE (2017-2021).


RennesGrid Project

The decrease of fossil energy resources, the increase in energy needs, the difficulties of supply, the fight against climate change and CO2 emissions, make it necessary to adapt the production and energy consumption modes. The proliferation of renewable energy installations, whose production is intermittent and hardly controllable, has impacts on electricity grids, designed to convey centrally generated electricity in one direction, from generation to consumption.

To adapt to these changes, power grids must innovate by integrating new technologies to promote the flow of two-way information in real time and to allow more efficient management of the network. In this context, smart grids appear as one of the solutions for integrating renewable energies while meeting the fundamental objectives assigned to electricity networks: reliability, safety and quality of the power supply.


IRISA Contribution

IRISA’s task in this project consists in designing a network of sensors and computing resources for the optimized real-time management of a photovoltaic-powered Smart Grid. The proposed models for the RennesGrid infrastructure will be validated by co-simulation of Smart Grid systems and computer networks. We will focus on developing a functional co-simulation framework to evaluate the ICT infrastructure of the Smart Grid.


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