Anne-Cécile Orgerie

Contact Information

IRISA - F 225
Campus de Beaulieu
35042 Rennes Cedex
Tel : +33 (0)2 99 84 71 08     Fax : +33 (0)2 99 84 71 71
Email : anne-cecile DOT orgerie AT irisa DOT fr
Web :

Since 2012, I am a permanent research scientist (Chargée de Recherche) at CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) in the Myriads team at IRISA in Rennes, France.

Formerly, I was a postdoctoral researcher working on the PetaFlow project which deals with the problem of distributed simulation and visualization of unsteady flows of peta-scale size in a transcontinental context. I spent my time at the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the University of Melbourne.

I did my PhD in the RESO project-team (High Performance Networks, Protocols and Services) at Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme (LIP) in Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France), under the supervision of Laurent Lefèvre and Isabelle Guérin Lassous on the following subject:
"An energy-efficient reservation framework for large-scale distributed systems", defended in September 2011.

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Research Interests

  • Energy efficiency
  • Cloud computing
  • Autonomic computing
  • Green computing and networking
  • Large-scale distributed systems
  • High-speed networks
  • Network metrology
  • Smart Grids
  • Energy awareness
  • Sustainability

PhD students

  • Dorra Boughzala, co-advised with Laurent Lefèvre (Inria, LIP) and Martin Quinson (ENS Rennes, IRISA), since December 2017.
    Simulating Energy Consumption of Continuum Computing between Heterogeneous Numerical Infrastructures in HPC
  • Loic Guégan, co-advised with Martin Quinson (ENS Rennes, IRISA), since October 2017.
    Simulating the Internet of Things
  • David Guyon, co-advised with Christine Morin (Inria, IRISA), since September 2015.
    Supporting energy-awareness for cloud users
    Successfully defended on the 7th of December 2018. His manuscript can be found here.
  • Issam Rais, co-advised with Laurent Lefèvre (Inria, LIP) and Anne Benoit (ENS Lyon, LIP), October 2015 - September 2018.
    Multi criteria scheduling for large scale High Performance Computing environments
    Successfully defended on the 28th of September 2018. His manuscript can be found here.
  • Yunbo Li, co-advised with Jean-Marc Menaud (Ecole des Mines de Nantes, LINA), October 2013 - June 2017.
    Resource allocation in a Cloud partially powered by renewable energy sources
    Successfully defended on the 12th of June 2017. His manuscript can be found here.
  • Ismael Cuadrado Cordero, co-advised with Christine Morin (Inria, IRISA), October 2013 - February 2017.
    Microclouds : an approach for a network-aware energy-efficient decentralised cloud
    Successfully defended on the 9th of February 2017. His manuscript can be found here.



Logo RennesGrid RennesGrid: ADEME project on Smart Grids deployed on the Ker Lann campus (2017 - 2020).
Logo SUSTAM SUSTAM: Inria associated team on Sustainable Ultra Scale compuTing, dAta and energy Management (2017 - 2019).
Logo HAC SPECIS HAC SPECIS: Inria project lab on High-performance Application and Computers: Studying PErformance and Correctness In Simulation (2016 - 2020).
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Logo Ecofen ECOFEN simulator: ns3 module to get the energy consumption of the simulated devices and networks.
Logo Discovery Discovery: Inria project lab aiming at designing a DIStributed and COoperative framework to manage Virtual EnviRonments autonomicallY (2015 - 2019).
Logo SimGrid SimGrid: a toolkit to study the behavior of large-scale distributed systems such as Grids, Clouds, HPC or P2P systems.
Logo CominLabs EPOC: project within the Labex CominLabs that deals with energy proportional and opportunistic computing systems (2013 - 2017).
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Logo EcoInfo EcoInfo: CNRS group that deals with reducing environmental and societal impacts of ICT.
Logo Petaflow PetaFlow: ANR-JST France-Japan that deals with the problem of distributed simulation and visualization of unsteady flows of peta-scale size in a transcontinental context (2009 - 2013).
Logo SPEC SPEC: EuroNF project on virtualized environments for energy efficiency and end user privacy concerns when deploying smart meters (2011).
Green Logs ICT Energy logs: Energy and power consumption traces from large-scale distributed systems.
GreenTouch logo GreenTouch: (research consortium) to increase energy efficiency in ICT (2010 - 2015)
COST logo COST Action IC0804 on Energy efficiency in large scale distributed systems (2009 - 2013)
Grid'5000 logo Grid'5000: An infrastructure distributed in 9 sites around France, for research in large-scale parallel and distributed systems.
Green-Net logo Green-Net (2008 - 2009): Action de Recherche Collaborative Inria on Power aware software frameworks for high performance data transport and computing in large scale distributed systems.

Research visits

I had the chance to visit the following teams: