Thematic Month on “Mathematics for Signals, Images and Structured Data @ CIRM, early 2021

Dear colleagues

it is our pleasure to announce the upcoming one month program on Mathematics for Signals, Images and Structured Data

to be held at CIRM ( Marseille), January 25 -February 26, 2021. The program will consist in a research school on

• Mathematics, signal processing and learning (25 – 29 January 2021) and four conferences on

  • Harmonic analysis, multiscale representations and applications to large-scale data, modeling and numerical simulations (1 – 5 February 2021)
  • Statistical analysis of images and their derived objects (8 – 12 February 2021)
  • Mathematics for Audio and Music Signal Processing (15 – 19 February 2021)
  • (Bio-)medical imaging, neuro-imaging and related signals (22 – 26 February 2021) More information is available on the web site of the program, that will be updated on a regular basis : If you are interested in receiving updates concerning the program (including updated schedule , call for participation, call for submission, opening of registration,…), please register on the dedicated mailing list, by clicking on “s’abonner”(left menu) on the web site We look forward to seeing you in 2021 ! The Signal-Image team at I2M (Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille). Thematic month on Mathematics for Signals, Images and Structured Data CIRM, February 2021

Download the annoucement in pdf format