Current PhD students

  • Emma Bothereau, Apprentissage frugal pour l’identification des empreintes radio-fréquence, since Oct. 2023, co-supervised with R. Gerzaguet and O. Berder (University grant)
  • Gaetan Lounes, Méthodologie de synthèse de (très) haut niveau pour des architectures hétérogènes logicielles et matérielles, since Avril 2023, co-supervised with R. Gerzaguet (ANR RedInBlack)
  • Alice Chillet, Identification aveugle par apprentissage de l’empreinte radio-fréquence de dispositifs sensibles, since Oct. 2021, co-supervised with R. Gerzaguet and K. Desnos (Pole Excellence Cyber grant)
  • Jesus Aguilar Argote, Powering neural network based wake-up radio with radio-frequency energy harvesting, since Oct. 2021, co-supervised with O. Berder, F. Doru Hutu and G. Villemaud (ANR U-Wake)

Former PhD student

  • Corentin Lavaux, Systèmes reconfigurables pour l’interception de signaux sporadiques compromettants, (Oct. 2018 – Jan. 2022), co-supervised with R. Gerzaguet and O. Berder (Pole Excellence Cyber grant). Committee: T. Risset (R), I. Fijalkow (R), A. Francillon, E. Nogues.
  • Nour El Hoda Djidi, Energy management and protocol design for heterogeneous IoT networks leveraging wake-up radio, (Oct. 2018 – Nov. 2021), co-supervised with A. Courtay and O. Berder (ANR Wake-up grant). Committee: N. Mitton (R), A. Pegatoquet (R), T. Noel, F. Ait Aoudia.
  • Philip-Dylan Gleonec, Design and implementation of power management strategies for long range radio modules with energy harvesting, (Oct. 2015 – Feb. 2019), co-supervised with O. Berder (CIFRE with Wi6labs compagny). Committee: H. Barthelemy (R), A. Pegatoquet (R), L. Clavier, S. Kerouedan, J.-F. Diouris, J. Ardouin.
  • Mai-Thanh Tran, Hardware Synthesis of Flexible and Reconfigurable Radio from an High-Level Language Specific to Physical Layer Waveform, (Oct. 2013 – Nov. 2018), co-supervised with E. Casseau. Committee: G. Villemaud (R), L. Bossuet (R), C. Jego, S. Kerouedan. Now Research Engineer at M3 System, Toulouse.
  • Baptiste Roux, Architectural exploration of a flexible and low-power radio for communications with drones, (Oct. 2014 – Nov.  2017), co-supervised with O. Sentieys. Committee: V. Fresse (R), F. Rousseau (R), B. Granado, L. Lagadec, J.-P. Delahaye. Now Research Engineer at Asygn, Grenoble.
  • Faycal Ait-Aoudia, Power Manager Design and Implementation for Wake-Up Radio WSN Nodes, (Oct. 2014 – Sept. 2017),, co-supervised with O. Berder. Committee: J.-M. Gorce (R), A. Pegatoquet (R), N. Mitton, M. Debbah, M. Magno, D. Morche. Now Researcher at Bell Labs, Paris.
  • Ganda-Stéphane Ouedraogo, Automatic Synthesis of Hardware Accelerators from High-Level Specifications of Physical Layer Waveform for Flexible Radio, (Oct. 2011 – Dec. 2014), co-supervised with O. Sentieys.  Committee: T. Risset (R), R. Pacalet (R), C. Moy, D. Noguet. Now Research Engineer at NestWave, Paris.

Former Master students

  • Kennelvy Ndzambo Okemba, Julia-based unified software methods for differents LLVM backend, Master SISEA, 2021-2022, co-supervised with R. Gerzaguet.
  • Nour El Hoda Djidi, Protocol design for wake-up radio nodes in heterogeneous IoT networks, 2018, co-supervised with A.courtay and O. Berder.
  • Corentin Lavaud, Adaptive near nensor compressing for energy-constrained applications in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2017-2018, co-supervised with A.courtay and O. Berder
  • Marwa Kazdoghli Lagha, Feature extraction and selection in multi-source energy harvesting Wireless sensor networks, 2017, co-supervised with F. Ait Aoudia and O. Berder.
  • Ti-Ti Nguyen, I/Q Imbalance and Blind compensation in digital communications, 2014-2015, co-supervised with P. Scalart.
  • Duc-Hung Luong, Evaluation of distributed beamforming for physical layer security in Wireless Sensor Networks, 2013-2014, co-supervised with O. Berder.
  • Gia-Minh Hoang, Localization via Ultra Wide Band Radio for Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks, 2013-2014, co-supervised with A. Courtay.
  • Fernando Cladera, Dynamic Precision Scaling for Low-Power Wireless Receivers Based on OFDM, 2012-2013, co-supervised with O. Sentieys.
  • Nhat-Quang Nhan, Spectrum agility for energy-efficient Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks, 2012-2013, co-supervised with O. Berder.
  • Xian-Chien Le, Cooperative Relay Selection through Game Theory Approach, 2013-2014, co-supervised with O. Berder.