This page aims at gathering some links providing weekly informations on Research in Computer Science and Information Technologies. If you have any good link to share, please drop me an email.

  • The Morning Paper: daily summary of a research article in Computer Science, in various fields.
  • The programming languages enthusiast: This one is more targeted on ... programming languages.
  • CodeProject: very very short daily newsletter, more on programming practice and technologies.
  • LLVM weekly: digests the activity in the LLVM project, which builds a free compiler. This dense source is often both technically advanced and scientifically interesting.
  • Papers We Love is a repository of academic computer science papers and a community who loves reading them.
  • The LIP6 laboratory in Paris is helding since a few years a very interesting colloquium. You probably want to look at several of the provided presentations.
  • The Collège de France is a prestidgious institution providing many lectures on Computer Science. These lectures are sometimes "short" tutorials on a given topic, and sometimes semester-long in-depth lectures. All the lectures ever recorded at Collège de France are still available for free from the website. If you speak French, you will certainly find something fitting your taste.

These web comics are also precious to improve your CSR (and geek) culture, and often more funny.

  • XKCD. I still cannot believe that they sometimes deliver any diploma of CS to people who don't know that comics. An absolute must read. Don't miss the associated site, Explain XKCD, where all strips are explained in all details. Very precious for newcomers ;)
  • PhD Comics. If you plan to apply for a PhD at some point, then you should read this. Maybe before applying...
  • Abstruse Goose. This one is more about maths than CS, but still very relevant.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereals. This one is probably more about physicist than others, but I like its philosophical puns (when I understand them). Note that if you clic on the big button at the bottom, you get an hint.
  • Luc Damas' Blog: Comic strips about teaching and programming (in French).

These are a bit different: they are nice learning resources about Computer Science, to go further than the courses that you currently have.