I do my research in the SemLIS team (Semantics, Logics, Information Systems for Data-User Interaction), which is part of the scientific department “Data and Knowledge Management” at IRISA.

Research interests

Co-supervised PhD theses

  • Hugo Ayats (with Peggy Cellier, INSA Rennes)
    From prediction to automation with an explainable and user-centered AI – Application to the construction of knowledge graphs from texts
    In progress, started October 2020
  • Francesco Bariatti (with Peggy Cellier, INSA Rennes)
    Semantic lifting of complex data by hypergraph compression
    In progress, started October 2018
  • Mouhamadou Ba (with Mireille Ducassé, INSA Rennes)
    Cotalis : Guided composition of tasks with logical information systems –
    application to data analysis workflows in bioinformatics

    December 2015
  • Alice Hermann (with Mireille Ducassé, INSA Rennes)
    Guided creation and update of objects in a  knowledge base
    December 2012
  • Pierre Allard (with Olivier Ridoux, University of Rennes 1)
    Logical modelling of the multidimensional analysis of multi-valued relations – Application to the exploration of geographical data
    December 2011
  • Olivier Bedel (with Olivier Ridoux, University of Rennes 1)
    GEOLIS : Un Système d information logique pour l organisation et la recherche de données géolocalisées
    January 2009
  • Peggy Cellier (with Mireille Ducassé, INSA Rennes, and Olivier Ridoux, University of Rennes 1)
    DeLLIS debugging and fault localization with a logical information system
    December 2008

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