I do my research in the LACODAM team since April 2022, and formerly in the SemLIS team, both of which are part of the scientific department “Data and Knowledge Management” at IRISA.

Research interests

Co-supervised PhD theses

  • Vanessa Fokou (with Florence Le Ber and Xavier Dolques, Univ. Strasbourg; Peggy Cellier, INSA Rennes)
    Comparaison et coopération d’approches en analyse de concepts formels pour les données relationnelles (part of project ANR SmartFCA)
    In progress, started December 2022 (located in Strasbourg)
  • Julie Boudebs (with Peggy Cellier, INSA Rennes)
    An intelligent assistant on top of Sparklis for querying the Semantic Web (part of project CominLabs MiKroloG)
    In progress, started September 2021
  • H. Ambre Ayats (with Peggy Cellier, INSA Rennes)
    From prediction to automation with an explainable and user-centered AI – Application to the construction of knowledge graphs from texts
    In progress, started October 2020
  • Francesco Bariatti (with Peggy Cellier, INSA Rennes)
    Semantic lifting of complex data by hypergraph compression
    In progress, started October 2018
  • Mouhamadou Ba (with Mireille Ducassé, INSA Rennes)
    Cotalis : Guided composition of tasks with logical information systems –
    application to data analysis workflows in bioinformatics

    December 2015
  • Alice Hermann (with Mireille Ducassé, INSA Rennes)
    Guided creation and update of objects in a  knowledge base
    December 2012
  • Pierre Allard (with Olivier Ridoux, University of Rennes 1)
    Logical modelling of the multidimensional analysis of multi-valued relations – Application to the exploration of geographical data
    December 2011
  • Olivier Bedel (with Olivier Ridoux, University of Rennes 1)
    GEOLIS : Un Système d information logique pour l organisation et la recherche de données géolocalisées
    January 2009
  • Peggy Cellier (with Mireille Ducassé, INSA Rennes, and Olivier Ridoux, University of Rennes 1)
    DeLLIS debugging and fault localization with a logical information system
    December 2008

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