Saliency-based navigation in omnidirectional image

Thomas Maugey 1 Olivier Le Meur 2        Zhi Liu3

1NRIA Rennes-Bretagne-Atlantique, France
2IRISA/univsersity of Rennes 1, France
2School of Communication and Information Engineering, Shanghai University, Shanghai 200444, China

IEEE 19th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, MMSP 2017

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Omnidirectional images describe the color information at a given position from all directions. Affordable 360° cameras have recently been developed leading to an explosion of the 360° data shared on the social networks. However, an omnidirectional image does not contain interesting content everywhere. Some part of the images are indeed more likely to be looked at by some users than others. Knowing these regions of interest might be useful for 360° image compression, streaming or even editing. In this paper, a new approach based on 2D image saliency is proposed both to model the user navigation within a 360° image, and to detect which parts of an omnidirectional content might draw users' attention.

Cube projection

Instead of mapping the sphere to a single image, some works have proposed to decompose the sphere into several subregions and to map these regions to independent images. The mostly adopted approach is called the cube representation.

Optimal navigation path (green line)

Our objective is to find the optimal horizontal path given a saliency-based energy function. Below, the green line corresponds to the best navigation with respect to predicted saliency maps.

The blue line corresponds to the equator.


Examples of video thumbnails when considering the equator path (left) and the saliency-based path (right).


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Maugey, T., Le Meur, O. and Liu Z. (2017). Saliency-based navigation in omnidirectional image, MMSP , 2017.
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