How to measure the relevance of a retargeting approach?

C. Chamaret1        Olivier Le Meur 2        P. Guillotel1        J.C. Chevet1       

1Technicolor Rennes, France
2IRISA/univsersity of Rennes 1, France

Workshop Media Retargeting, ECCV'2010



Most cell phones today can receive and display video content. Nonetheless, we are still significantly behind the point where premium made for mobile content is mainstream, largely available, and affordable. Significant issues must be overcome. The small screen size is one of them. Indeed, the direct transfer of conventional contents (\textit{i.e.} not specifically shot for mobile devices) will provide a video in which the main characters or objects of interest may become indistinguishable from the rest of the scene. Therefore, it is required to retarget the content. Different solutions exist, either based on distortion of the image, on removal of redundant areas, or cropping. The most efficient ones are based on dynamic adaptation of the cropping window. They significantly improve the viewing experience by zooming in the regions of interest. Currently, there is no common agreement on how to compare different solutions. A retargeting metric is proposed in order to gauge its quality. Eye-tracking experiments, zooming effect through coverage ratio and temporal consistency are introduced and discussed.

Paper's figures

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Supplementary materials

A clip is available on the home page of P. Guillotel here (600 Mo!!). It shows the result of the proposed retargeting. An example is given below. On the left-hand side, this is the original video clip, on which the cropping window is drawn (white box). On the left, this is the retargeted video (only the content of the white box is displayed).


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