Zoltan Miklos

Zoltan Miklos

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I am an associate professor (maitre de conferences HDR) at University of Rennes 1. I am the leader of the DRUID research team of the IRISA laboratory. I am the program director of the study track Information Systems at ESIR (University of Rennes 1).

Research interests

Data management; knowledge discovery; artificial intelligence


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Contact details

Zoltan Miklos

Univ Rennes CNRS IRISA
Campus universitaire de Beaulieu
263 Avenue du General Leclerc - Bat 12 (D267)
F-35042 Rennes Cedex
Tel: (+33) 2 99 84 22 54
Fax: (+33) 2 99 84 71 71
office hours: by appointment
linkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zoltanmiklos/
twitter: https://twitter.com/zoltanmiklos
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Short bio

I am an associate professor (maitre de conferences HDR) at University of Rennes 1. Before joining Universite Rennes 1, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at EPFL, in Switzerland. I completed my doctoral studies in computer science at University of Oxford. I used to work as a research assistant at the Database and Artificial Intelligence Group, of the Vienna University of Technology, at the Vienna University of Economics and at the Distributed Systems Group at the Vienna University of Technology. I pursued my undergraduate studies at the University ELTE, in Budapest, Hungary.

I am a senior member of the ACM. I am also a member of some ACM special interest groups: on management of data SIGMOD, on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining SIGKDD and on artificial intelligence SIGAI.

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ISTIC Master Science Informatics

Past courses

ENS Rennes


Social Network Analysis Visualization Meccano


ANR In the Epique project we develop methods to map the evolution of scientific fields, based on large-scale publication datasets.

ANR In the HEADWORK project we try to realize workflows of crowdsourcing tasks.

OrangeLabs We collaborate with OrangeLabs to develop methods to store large dynamic graphs that represent the connection networks of IoT devices.

ALTEN With the company ALTEN we explore how to use artificial intelligence methods for human resources tasks, in particular, in the context of consulting.

Past projects

Pharmaco-Epidemiologie des Produits de Sante (PEPS) ANSM

MASTODONS ARESOS: Reconstruction, Analyse et Acces aux Donnees dans les Grands Reseaux Socio-Semantiques (Grandes masses de donnees scientifiques - CNRS)

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My DBLP page.
Some recent publications: Interior view of Stockholm Public Library Stockholm Public Library stacks An image of the stacks of the Stockholm Public Library Stockholm Public Library 03