This page contains informations about and for the students doing research with me. The interns will find here informations about internship positions currently available, while sub-pages gather some generic links on methodology and a description of the methodology I like to follow with my students. Other people will find the list of the students that are currently working with me and the ones who worked with me in the past.

Open positions

Research Internships

Right now (Sept 2022), I don't have no research position open. All the topics that I was proposing this fall are now fullfiled.

But I keep here some old research proposals that I wrote previously. Some of them were picked by students, some did not. All of them should be refreshed and updated to be fully useful, but I still leave them here so that you can get an idea of the kind of research I'm interested in. If you want to do something around these lines, please speak to me.

Development Internships

If you are looking for a development internship, then the PLM is the right project for you. Please read the project's TODO list. It contains some context information, and a list of tasks that you could achieve in the project.

Here is an open proposal about PLM: Refactoring and simplify the network protocol (in French)

Past Students

PhD students

  • Loïc Gueguan (2021):Scalable end-to-end models for the time and energy performance of Fog infrastructures. Manuscript on HAL.
  • The Anh Pham (2019):Efficient state-space exploration for asynchronous distributed programs (Adapting unfolding-based dynamic partial order reduction to MPI programs). Manuscript on HAL and slides.
  • Marion Guthmuller (2015): Dynamic formal verification of temporal properties on legacy distributed applications. Manuscript on HAL and slides
  • Sabina Ahktar (2012): Verification of Distributed Algorithms using PlusCal-2. Manuscript.
  • Cristian Rosa (2011): Performance & Correctness Assessment of Distributed Systems. Manuscript (on HAL) and slides


M2 Internship

  • Léo Cosseron. TANSIVTx: Time-Accurate Network Simulation Interconnecting VMs with Hardware Virtualization Towards Stealth Analysis. Master de Science Informatique Fondamentale (M2 SIF) de Rennes. Co-advised with Louis Rilling and Matthieu Simonin. Manuscript.

  • Grégory Gobin. Bounded Unfolding-based Dynamic Partial Order Reduction. Master de Science Informatique Fondamentale (M2 SIF) de Rennes. Co-advised with T. Jéron. Manuscript.

  • Pierre-Antoine Rouby. The MBI Bug Initiative: Extension for MPI Hazard errors. Master d'informatique fondamental de l'université de Bordeaux, co-advised with Emmanuelle Saillard, Inria Bordeaux. Manuscript.


M1 Internship

  • Joseph Cabrita, Clément Courageux-Sudan, Jean-Michel Gorius, Quentin Le Dilavrec. Survey of Software Interception Techniques in the Context of Cloud Applications. Manuscript.


Master Internship

  • Betsegaw Lemma (M2 EIT Digital Rennes1), Simulating Energy-Aware Networks in Large-Scale Distributed Systems. Report, slides.

  • Mehdi Azaro, Khaled Baouz, Camille Barbe, Jules Cohonner (M2 MIAGE Rennes1), Simplification du code existant de la Programmer’s Learning Machine. Rapport (French), slides (French), demo1, demo2.


Stage 1A (Licence 3 at ENS Rennes)

  • Simon Bihel, Specifying the Experimental Scenarios for Simulated Cloud Studies. LabBook, Report, Slides.


Master internships

  • Louisa Bessad (UPMC, Paris), Real-time online emulation of real applications on SimGrid with Simterpose Rapport, Slides (in French).

Stage Telecom Nancy 2A découverte de la recherche

Stage 2A (Master 1 at Telecom Nancy)

Stage DUT

  • Portage web d'un exerciseur de programmation. rapport, slides
  • Langage visuel pour un exerciseur. rapport, slides.
  • Conception et réalisation d'un éditeur d'exercices de programmation. rapport, slides.


Master internships

  • Stéphane Castelli (M2R Enseirb Bordeaux): Routage hypercube et simulation infiniband Rapport (in French).
  • Chloé Macur (Master 1 École Polytechnique): Emulation through Simulation with Simterpose.
    (topic proposed as a postdoc the year before, in vain)
    proposal, manuscript, slides (in French).

Stage Telecom Nancy 2A découverte de la recherche

  • Serveur d'application pour la Programmer's Learning Machine (in French). sujet, rapport, presentation.
  • Programmation visuelle en Scratch dans la PLM (Visual Programming with Scratch in the PLM) proposal (stage non attribué).
  • Outil de visualisation dynamique pour la vérification d'applications distribuées dans SimGrid (Online visualization of the SimGrid's model-cheker) proposal, rapport (in French).
  • Ajout du langage C dans la PLM rapport (in French).


stage ESIAL 3A

  • Guillaume Serrière (Telecom Nancy, final internship): Parallel and Distributed Simulation of Large-Scale Distributed Applications. proposal, rapport (in French).

Stage ESIAL 2A découverte de la recherche

  • Julien Bastian, Geoffrey Humbert. Programmation pour débutants dans JLM (Bridging JLM and SNM). Sujet, rapport.
  • Alexandre Frantz et Richard Guerci. Mode enseignant dans la Java Learning Machine (Teacher mode in JLM). Sujet, rapport, slides.
  • Clément AUDAM et Héloise ROMET. Simulation transparente d'applications Java RMI (Seamless Simulation of Java RMI applications in SimGrid). Sujet, Rapport.


Internship Inria

  • Maximiliano Geier, from University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Leveraging multiple experimentation methodologies to study P2P broadcast.
    Proposal. Planned period: 09/2012 and 02/2013.

Stage long 2A ESIAL

  • Guillaume Serrière. Real-time online emulation with Simterpose.
    Proposal, Report.
  • Marc Pinhède. Implementation of a compilateur from PlusCal to TLA+ with Tom.
    Proposal (in french), report (in english), slides (in english).
  • Jean-Baptiste Hervé. Modèles stochastiques dans SimGrid et DistEm.
    Proposal, rapport, slides.

Stage technicien DUT

  • Samuel Lepetit. Implémentation d'algorithmes pair à pair et amélioration des interfaces utilisateur sur le simulateur SimGrid
    Rapport, Slides.

Stage ESIAL 2A découverte de la recherche

  • Julien Vaubourg, Nicolas Bouget. Sauvegarde de données Pair-à-Pair sur les boîtiers d'un FAI. Sujet, rapport, slides.
  • Nicolas Mazurkiewicz, Guillaume Serrière. Plate-forme pour l'enseignement des systèmes informatiques en C. Sujet, slides
  • Guillaume Gérard, Adrien Siebert, Julien Guepin. Console pour l'enseignant dans la Java Learning Machine. Sujet, rapport, slides.
  • Etienne Marban, Marion Le bras. Amélioration de la plate-forme JLM pour l'enseignement de la programmation orientée objet. Sujet, rapport, slides.


M2R Loria / stage ESIAL 3A

  • Marion Guthmuller. Initial subject: Time parallel simulation and/or state-full model-checking with DWARF (sujet). This subject evolved during the internship toward: Study of Legacy Distributed Applications through Simulation and Model-Checking for the Discovery and Validation of Behavioral Properties. Yeah, it happens sometimes ;)
    rapport (in French), slides (in French).

Stage ESIAL 2A découverte de la recherche

  • Romain Truchi - Kevin Aubert. Plate-forme pour l'enseignement des systèmes informatiques en C. Sujet, rapport, slides.
  • Gabriel LARROQUE - Sébastien CHAMPAGNE. Amélioration d'une plate-forme pour l'enseignement de l'informatique. Sujet, rapport, slides.


  • Marion Guthmuller (stage ESIAL 2A): Interception système pour la capture et le rejeu de traces.
    sujet, rapport, slides.
  • Kaishin Lin - Alain Seng (Projet de 2A de l'école des Mines de Nancy): Interception système pour l'émulation d'applications.
    sujet, rapport, slides.
  • Sébastien TONI - Loic VOURC'H (stage ESIAL 2A découverte de la recherche): Amélioration d'une plate-forme pour l'enseignement de l'informatique.
    sujet, rapport, slides.


  • Cristian Rosa (INRIA internship): Model-Checking in a Grid Framework. Cristian was then enrolled in a PhD program with me.
  • Sabina Akhtar (M2R LORIA): Formal Verification of Distributed Algorithms in +CAL 2.0. Sabina is currently enrolled in a PhD program with Stephan Merz, who were the main advisor of this M2R internship.


  • Sebti Moueli (M2R LORIA): Verification of Grid and P2P Algorithms.
    proposal, slides.


  • Ahmed Harbaoui (M2R LORIA): Étude comparative des algorithmes de découverte de la topologie de la grille
    manuscript, slides
  • Christophe Thiéry (stage ESIAL 2A): Simulation de graphes de tàches dans SimGrid 3
    manuscript, slides