This page describes how to contact me, but please bear in mind that I do have a private life, involving a family and young kids. So, before you call me on my private line, reconsider the urgency of your request. Can't that wait until Monday? What about dropping me an email instead?

Cette page indique comment me joindre. Mais n'oubliez pas que j'ai aussi une vie privée, une famille et même des enfants. Aussi, avant de m'appeller sur mon numéro personnel, veuiller réfléchir à trois fois : êtes vous sûr que vous ne pouvez pas attendre lundi? N'est-il pas possible de me faire un courriel, plutôt?

Emails (preferred mean)

This is the much preferred way of communication [for professional contacts, I mean]. Drop me an email, and you're sure you won't disturb me in any way. I'll deal with it when inclined to do so. That's really the best for me.

My professional email is

Unfortunately, I cannot write it in clear form without getting several hundred spam mails per day. So, simply replace MYNAME by QUINSON in and you're set (I mean s/MYNAME/QUINSON/ in geek parlance).

I also have other email address, but I prefer not to disclose them too much to keep the spam flow under control. If you know them, you can use them without fear, (almost) all my email addresses are redirected to the same place.

I don't like gmail services because they provide privacy to bad people (it's hard to find the authors of abuses done with this service) and violate the privacy of their legitimate people. When you force me to answer a gmail, that's my privacy that is at sake. You should quite from these services. I feel really upset that google has most of my email because it has all of yours. You should quit now.

I try to operate by Crocker's Rules so do not hesitate to speak plainly and frankly.

Surface mail / physical meeting

Research (F231, Orange floor):
Equipe Myriads
IRISA -- Campus universitaire de Beaulieu
35042 Rennes cedex    
Teaching (Batiment Rocard)
ENS Rennes
Avenue Schuman
11, rue de Caderoc
35510 Cesson-Sévigné

Instant Messaging Systems

I use quite a bunch of those systems (thanks to pidgin). It should be safe to use this mean to contact me since I cut it when I can't afford to be disturbed.

IRCemptty on
AIMQuinsonMt or (Ok, I don't read *this* email address)


Please not before any other possibility failed.

Office@Beaulieu: (+33/0)2 99 84 71 53
Office@Bruz: (+33/0)2 99 05 55 54
Home: none atm. I should plug the phone in our new home, at some point
Mobile: (+33/0)6 19 31 06 92

Web 2.0 and random stuff

Here are the social networks that I am member of.

  • GitHub, the social coding platform. Definitely the one I use the most.
  • LinkedIn. I'm not sure of why I do that. As a civil servant I won't seek for a new jobs anytime soon...
  • Identica: After the rewrite to, it does not really work for me anymore. So I use Twitter instead, and that's a pitty.
  • Facebook I don't quite read it anymore, actually. So fin-de-siècle.
  • What is wrong with me: A system for anonymous feedbacks. I'll get a notification email, but I'll be perfectly unable to discover who wrote this. Don't be afraid, express yourself (I mostly got spam from this so far, that's not fun).

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