The document gives a glimpse to the priorities for HPC technology for the years to come: https://www.etp4hpc.eu/news/209-a-blueprint-for-the-new-strategic-research-ag.html

BDEC2 Kobe

BDEC2 Kobe is the next in the series of workshops and is scheduled for February 19-21, 2019 in Kobe, Japan at RIKEN.

More information at https://www.exascale.org/bdec/meeting/kobe

IoT-HPC 2019

HPCS 2019 –  Special Session on Internet of Things and HPC:  Devices, Networks, and Applications   (IoT-HPC 2019)

43e Forum : Les workflows pour le calcul scientifique

19 mars 2019 au CNRS, rue Michel-Ange, Paris.

Voir ici: http://orap.irisa.fr/?page_id=1073

Big Data and Extreme-scale Computing 2 / Indiana

November 28 to November 302018


SC18 BoF: Consolidating the European Exascale Effort


The BDEC “Pathways to Convergence” Report

Although the“Big Data” revolution first came to public prominence (circa 2010) in on-line enterprises like Google, Amazon and Facebook, it is now widely recognized as the initial phase of a watershed transformaton that modern society generally, and scientific and engineering research in particular, are in the process of undergoing. Responding to this disruptive wave of change, over the past four years the Big Data and Exascale Computing (BDEC) project organized a series of five international workshops that aimed to explore the ways in which the new forms data-centric discovery introduced by this revolution might be integrated with the established, simulation-centric paradigm of the high performance computing (HPC) community…

Read more at http://www.exascale.org/bdec/

Eurolab-4-HPC Long-Term Vision on High-Performance Computing

“Radical changes in computing are foreseen for the next decade. The US IEEE society wants to “reboot computing” and the HiPEAC Vision 2017 sees the time to “re-invent computing”, both by challenging its basic assumptions. This document presents the “EuroLab-4-HPC Long-Term Vision on High-Performance Computing” of August 2017, a road mapping effort within the EC CSA1 Eurolab-4-HPC that targets potential changes in hardware, software, and applications in High-Performance Computing (HPC)…”

Available here:  https://www.eurolab4hpc.eu/static/deliverables/D2-2–final-vision.3718a25ff0dd.pdf

Thinking about working in HPC?

Look at these career cases: https://exdci.eu/jobs-and-training/hpc-career-case-studies


EXDCI Workshop

European HPC Summit Week 2017: EXDCI Workshop: https://exdci.eu/events/european-hpc-summit-week-2017-exdci-workshop

Overview of EXDCI Activities: the presentation.