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Coordonnées : Prof. Dr. Flavio OQUENDO, IRISA - ENSIBS - Univ. de Bretagne-Sud, PRES Université européenne de Bretagne, BP 573 - F-56017 Vannes Cedex - France

Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systèmes Aléatoires

E-mail : Flavio (dot) Oquendo (at) irisa.fr



Software Architecture, Software Engineering, Software-intensive Systems Engineering, Formal Engineering Methods, Formal Model-Driven Engineering

Thèmes de recherche

Prof. Dr. Flavio Oquendo's research interests are centred on languages, processes and tools to support efficient architecture and engineering of software-intensive systems and systems-of-systems. His current research interests include formal description and development techniques for software architecture and process modelling, analysis, transformation/refinement, and evolution and their applications in industrial settings. Fields of application include the engineering of all kinds of software-intensive systems and systems-of-systems operating in predictable or unpredictable environments.

Activités / CV

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Prof. Dr. Flavio Oquendo is Full Professor of Computer Science (holding the Research Excellence Award from the Ministry of Research and Higher Education of France) in the Université de Bretagne-Sud at the PRES Université Européenne de Bretagne, France, where he leads the research team on Software Architecture at the IRISA Computer Science Research Institute (UMR CNRS 6074).

He received the B.Sc. Eng. degree from the ITA Engineering School, São José dos Campos, and the M.Sc., Ph.D., and H.D.R. (Research Direction Habilitation) degrees in Computer Science from the Université de Grenoble.

Before joining the Université de Bretagne-Sud in 2005, Flavio Oquendo held appointments in Computer Science as Full Professor at the Université de Savoie (9 years) and Associate/Assistant Professor at the Université de Grenoble (5 years). Previously, he was a member of the R&D Staff at the G.I.E. Emeraude [R&D group on Advanced Software Engineering created by BULL, Thomson-Syseca (now THALES IS), and Eurosoft (now part of AT&T Europe)] in Paris (5 years).

Prof. Dr. Flavio Oquendo has over 25 years experience in Research & Development. He has actively participated in 10 European R&D Projects, partially funded by the European Commission: ALICE (MAP), PCTE (FP), PCTE+ (IEPG), PACT (FP), ALF (FP), SCALE (FP), PROMOTER I (FP), PROMOTER II (FP), PIE (FP), and ARCHWARE (FP) in addition to Overseas R&D Projects with America (PRI AIGLE) and Asia (AL STAFF). In particular, he was member of the Specification Team of the ECMA and ISO Standards on Portable Common Tool Environments (PCTE), Scientific Director of the European SCALE Project (FP, 1992-1996), Partner Manager of the European PIE Project (FP, 1997-2001), and Scientific Director of the European ArchWare Project (FP, 2002-2005). Since 2007, he has participated in European working groups of the NESSI (FP) Networked European Software and Services Initiative ETP. In 2010, he joined the S-CUBE (FP) European Network of Excellence in Software Services and Systems. Support for his research has mainly come from these European Commission's R&D grants and collaborative industrial contracts.

He has acted as expert/reviewer/evaluator for R&D Projects in ICT for several R&D Programs of the European Commission (ICT Framework Program), the French Research Agency (ANR), the French R&D Technology Transfer Agency (ANVAR-OSEO), the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), the Belgian Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), the British Research Agency (EPSRC) and the INRIA International Program.

He has published over 150 refereed journal and conference papers in Computer Science, being listed among the most prolific authors in the DBLP Computer Science Bibliography.

Prof. Dr. Flavio Oquendo has served on Program Committees of over 100 International Conferences and Workshops, has chaired 10 of them. He has also been editor of 10 books and proceedings and 6 journal special issues.

In particular, in Software Architecture, he has been involved as Program Committee (PC) Chair, PC Member, Steering Committee (SC) Chair, and SC Member in the French, European, and International Conferences.

Prof. Dr. Flavio Oquendo has acted as referee for more than 20 International Journals. Related to Software Architecture, he has coedited 7 Special Issues in International Journals, including: International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems (2007), Journal of Universal Computer Science (2009, 2011, 2013, 2014), Journal of Systems and Software (2011), and Software and System Modelling Journal (2013).