David Baelde

I am a professor at ENS Rennes doing research at IRISA, team Spicy.

This page is work in progress, please consult my former web page at LSV for more information.


I work mainly on developing languages and tools for formally proving security protocols. Most of my research efforts are currently revolving around the Squirrel proof assistant.

More broadly, I am interested in: logic, proof theory in particular; verification techniques including automated deduction; concurrency semantics; etc.

Publications on HAL (includes some pre-prints) and DBLP.


I am part of the CCS 2023 program committee (formal methods & programming languages track). I have been part of the program committees of LFMTP 2022 (co-chair), PPDP 2022, LFMTP 2021 and 2020, CiSS 2019, etc.

I have been lecturing at the Cyber in Nancy and MOVEP 2021 summer schools. I have organized the EPIT 2018 spring school on software verification.

I have defended my habilitation in February 2021.


In 2022-2023, I am teaching: