Corentin Ferry

University of Rennes 1 - IRISA

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This page relates to my activities at university. If you are looking for my personal website, then you will find it at

Short bio

I am a Ph.D student in team TARAN (formerly CAIRN) at IRISA/INRIA Rennes, jointly with the Mélange group at Colorado State University. I am working on dynamic compression for FPGA accelerators under the supervision of Steven Derrien and Sanjay Rajopadhye.

I graduated from the Master's program at ENS Rennes and University of Rennes 1 in 2019.

Where did we meet?

I've had the luck to travel a lot throughout my studies. If you have seen me, it could have been at one of the following institutions:

Academic work and projects

You can get a copy of my Curriculum Vitæ (résumé).

I was involved in the Pyramic project during my stay at EPFL.

You may find an overview of my work at CSU in 2017-2018 on a poster I made there.

See my DBLP entry for a list of publications.


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This calendar is updated automatically every 2 hours or so (Zimbra's updating schedule is a bit of a blackbox). If you want to talk to me right here and now, call (970) 491-6557 (+1 970-491-6557 from outside the US) and ask for me.

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