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ATM Tutors

AAL1 tutorial
Articles on ATM (ENST-bretagne)
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Technology Web Knowledgebase
ATM Network Glossary
ATM over Satellite
ATM Related Documents
ATM Tech introduction - CellWare
ATM Telecommunications Information URLs
Frame Relay and ATM: A Comparison of Technologies
HEC CRC-32 Tutorial FOR AAL
LAN Emulation - Tutor (Andrew Cobden)
Lan Emulation - tutor (Olicom)
Technical tutorials on ATM and LAN (Radcom)
The Cell Relay Newsgroup
Voice-over Cell and Frame Relay Technologies
Wireless ATM tutorial


ATM Technology Cell Relay FAQ

ATM Hardwares

ATM Companies Information URLs
ATM Industry products URLs
ATM Technology Knowledgebase - Commercial ATM Technology Providers

ATM Management

ADVENT Tutorial 1
ANACAPA SOFTWARE NetSpeed Intelligent Agent For Network Management Response Time Performance Monitoring Using Internet Browsers
ATM chips and products
ATM references
ATM Security Page
ATM Software
BAy Networks MIBs descriptions
Bay Networks Product Data Sheets: ATM Multimedia Adapters
Bay Networks Reports and White Papers
Cisco - ATM
Cisco LightStream 1010
Current Internet-Drafts
Demo of (Java-powered) UNI 3.1 Signalling Package
Extending Agent concept in Network Management through Java:
FORE Systems Inc.-All Roads Lead to ATM
InterNIC Internet Documentation (RFC's, FYI's, etc.)
ITU documents (Q.29xx)
Java Management API - SUN Solstice WorkShop
Managing ATM networks
Network Product Business White Papers & Press Articles
Network-, Systems- and Application Management Overview (17-Jul-1996)
Network-, Systems- and Application Management Overview (17-Jul-1996)
Newbridge : 1996 Press Releases
Newbridge : 3600/45/64 Technical Addendum Menu
Newbridge : 36150 Technical Addendum Menu
Newbridge GSMP Networking Protocol Spec (CPSS)
The ATM Stress Test: Which Switches Survived?
The Java Language Environment: A White Paper

ATM Research

ATM and Multimedia Papers and TR (Berkeley -The Tenet Group)
ATM EPD simulation results (ENST-bretagne)
ATM Performance Measurement: Throughput, Bottlenecks and Technology Barriers - Nist (Tech Report U. de Toronto)
ATM Technology Knowledgebase - Commercial/University ATM Technology Research
ATM Technology Knowledgebase - Military ATM Technology Research, Test, & Evaluation
ATM University and Labs Information URLs
Lancaster's Mobile Computing Home Page
Publications on ATM-Multimedia-TCP/IP (Liebeherr)
Research articles on ATM (ENST-bretagne)
ATM experimental sites

ATM Softwares

ATM signalling free software (UNI 3.1-SSCOP) (Vince)
ATM Signalling Free software on Linux (Uni 3.1-SSCOP-ILMI) (EPFL)
ATM Software
ATM Software - Nist Simulator
YATS - Yet Another Tiny Simulator (ATM Simulation)

ATM Standards

ATM Specifications (RFC)
ATM standards URLs (ITU, IETF)
ITU Q.2931 drafts
RFC-1483 - Multiprotocol Encapsulation over ATM Adaptation Layer 5
The ATM Forum Home Page
Web ATM Forum Members (ftp)


HTML-Web editor

Courses on HTML - CRI - UNSA
How To Create Your Homepage
HTML : Guides and Tutorials URLs
HTML 3.0 for netscape -masters
HTML Backgrounds pix
HTML Crash Course!!!
HTML Editors (A-M)
HTML Tutorial
Microsoft FrontPage
revised HTML documentation
Search Engine to declare a new Web site
The Internet Traffic Archive

Java-Web Technologies

ACME Java - Software
Debugging with () - Table of Contents
Exploring Java: Threads
Frequently Asked Questions - Applet Security
Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.0
Introduction to SOCKS
Java Programming Resources: Java, Java and More Java.
Java Programming Resources: Java, Java and More Java.
Java Xanthine Class Library
Java(tm) Based Constructor of Useful Parsers (CUP) Home Page
SDSU Online Documentation
Security Restrictions
SUNY BROCKPORT : CSC JAVA Sorting Animation Page
The Java Tutorial


Web - HTML Converters and Templates
WebMastery--General Graphics and ClipArt Resources


HTML syntax and cross-reference checker
Live3D (VRML)
Surfbot 3.0 (Agent - Web site Download)
Teleport Pro
Web - HTML Tools for Web Designer

Web sites Manager (broken links) 


Multimedia Tutors

Adavanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC)
Advantages of MPEG-2 over MPEG-1
Audio - Chapter 8: True Multimedia (the Web Book)
Audio-Video compression Tutor (Cornell University)
Audio-Video Glossary
Chapter 4. Video and Audio Compression
Chapter 5. Multimedia Network Communications
CNET features - techno - GIF89a
Comparative Study of H.261/H.263 video coding
Compression d'images - Wavelet - Fractal - Jpeg - TIF
Desktop Video Conferencing : An Introduction
Digital Audio on the Internet
Distributed Multimedia Survey : Standards Definitions
GSM : Overview of the Global System for Mobile Communications
Guide to Multimedia Educational Materials
HDTV standards
HDTV The Grand Alliance consortium
How to make MPEG movies (UNIX)
Index to Multimedia Information Sources
Index to Multimedia Information Sources (UK)
Interactive Television Testbeds (Projects)
Internet Videoconferencing tutor
Mpeg 1-2-4 tutor (96)
MPEG Compression Step By Step
MPEG Compression Tutor
MPEG Encoding Information (Pulitzer)
MPEG Pointers and Resources (Mpeg.org)
MPEG video compression formats (Optivision)
Mulitmedia Technology Standards Guide (NASA)
Multimedia Communications sources URLs
Multimedia Data Representations
Multimedia Index (Mice)
Multimedia PC Working Group Home Page (MPC)
Networked Video Technologies (IBM)
Networks and Multimedia Course (CMPT 365)
Overview of the T.120 Protocols for Audiographic Conferencing
Super Index to Multimedia Information Sources (GMD)
Telecommunications Multimedia Information URLs
Telephone-Multimedia Integration URLs
The ADSL Forum
The GSM 06.10 tutor
The Wavelet URLs (Wavelet.org)
Tutorial - ActiveX Media Controls : ActiveMovie
Tutorial - Incorporating Video On Your Website (Vivo)
Tutorial - Microsoft Interactive Media Technologies
Tutorial - Multimedia on the net - MBONE - RTP - MPEG (LAN Mag)
Tutorial - Multimedia on the Net (Graphics Wiz)
Tutorial - Multimedia Over IP (RTP - RSVP - IGMP - MOSPF - RTCP - XTP - UDP -TCP (Data Comm)
Tutorial - TV on net - Feb 96 (Byte)
Understanding Digital Video (Optivision)
Video and MPEG Tutorial
Video Compression Glossary
Video Conferencing URLs
Video on Demand tutorial (1995)
Videoconference Technologies Tutor
Videoconferencing Glossary
Videoconferencing Homepage
Videoconferencing reviews and background material
Wavelet Demonstration Gallery (Summus Ltd)
Wavelet Technology (Summus Ltd)
What is 4:2:2 in MPEG2 ?
Writing HTML, SGML, TEI, etc.

Multimedia FAQs

Audio FAQ
Audio File Formats (part 1 of 2) FAQ
Audio File Formats (part 2 of 2) FAQ
Audio File Formats FAQ
Audio pro FAQ
Audio recording FAQ
Background on MPEG-1 & MPEG-2
Compression (part 1/3) FAQ
Compression (part 2/3) FAQ
Compression (part 3/3) FAQ
Compression FAQ
Mpeg 1-2-4 FAQ (Luigi)
Mpeg Audio Layer 3 FAQ
Mpeg Audio Layer-3 FAQ
Mpeg FAQ
Mpeg-2 FAQ
Mpeg2 FAQ (Chad Fogg)
Mpeg-2 FAQ (Luigi-Italie)
Multimedia Authoring Systems FAQ
Sound format FAQ
The Graphic Utilities' Site & Version FAQ
Videoconferencing FAQ

Videoconference Hardwares

Apple QuickTime Conferencing
CINECOM Product & Services List
Communique! Home Page
Connectix Product Catalog
CorelVIDEO Product Information
Cornell University's CU-SeeMe Page
CU-SeeMe Home Page
Dialogic Communications Solutions (ex Eicon)
FreeVue Telecommunications Network
Intel Personal Conferencing Products Parts and Accessories Order Form
PPD - PicturePhone Direct Videoconferencing Survey
ProShare: an Evaluation of Technology in Distance Learning
QuickCam products lists & prices
reviews - 12 Web phones to make Net calls
RSI Systems - Eris Visual Communications System
Specom color video camera
VIC Hi-Tech Corporation
VidCall Home Page
Videoconferencing at PictureTel: Live200i

Multimedia Companies

Annuaire - List of Video Hardware/Software Vendors (Precept Soft.)
Annuaire - Multimedia Company (Microsoft NetShow Industry Support)

Multimedia Hardwares

Coding Wavelet Products (Summus Ltd)
Compression Pointers (Source Hardwares)
Desktop Video Conferencing : Products survey
DT-5 / Desktop Videoconferencing Products
Mpeg Cards - OmniMedia Technology
MPEG Encoding Solutions (Pulitzer)
MPEG Product Review
MPEG products (Optivision)
New Video Codecs (Nuko + Nortel)
Table of Contents: MPEG-2 Digital Video Decoder (IBM)
Telenor's H.263 Software
Vela Research MPEG-2 Encoders
Video - Optibase - MPEG Digital Video
VIDEO NT Family Hardware Products
WebTV - Internet Video Set-box
Xing Technology Corporation

Multimedia Research

Abstracts - Article Abstracts on MPEG 2 synchronization (96)
Columbia University ADVENT Project
Columbia University's ADVENT Project Demos
Communications & Telecoms: Universities
Compression Pointers (Research groups and projects)
Error Concealment Techniques for MPEG-2 Video Sequences
Mpeg Traces at Wuerzburg University
MPEG2 Video over ATM Networks
Publications ATM-Multimedia-TCP/IP (Liebeherr)
Publications of the Video Berkeley Lab
Quality of Service Specification for Resource Management in Multimedia Systems
Scalable Video Compression Algorithms
Scalable video over ATM (Dan Tan's Home Page)
Video over ATM (Yon J. Chung's Home Page )
Video QoS and control for MPEG-2 (EPFL)
Video QoS Filtering Demo (Lancaster University)
Wavelet Image Compression Demo (Advent Columbia University)
Yasser Rasheed's Home Page

Multimedia Softwares

About WebTV
Audio - Cool Edit
Audio - Sound Forge 4.0
Audio codec Softwares
Audio Software
Audio Tools Software (Awave)
Audio-Video Viewers for PC/Mac/Sun
Authoring Video - HyperStudio
Authoring Video - HyperVideo (Ephyx Technologies)
Authoring Video - Kohesion
Authoring Video - Microsoft NetShow
Authoring Video - VidFun
CineWeb (installing and using)
Codage Arithmetique
Compression Pointers (Source softwares)
Demo - See Video MPEG4
features - techno - SimTV3 - Xing
H.263 Bitstreams Samples (Telenor)
Live Web Video software
Live Web Video software
MPEG audio Layer 3 - Jazz Audio Samples
Mpeg Audio Layer3 - WinPlay3 player
Mpeg Files archives (Movies)
Mpeg Free Programs (crs4.it)
Mpeg Free Softwares (Mpeg.org)
Mpeg Monster list
MS-DOS archiving (compression) programs
RealAudio Softwares
Shockwave (Macromedia)
SoX: Sound eXchange
Streaming MPEG Audio Layer3 Softwares (Full Codec)
The GSM 06.10 free software
The MPEG Berkeley Player.
VDOLive Web Softwares
Video - Mpeg4 VXtreme technology
Video - Xing (Mpeg)
Video QoS Filtering software (Lancaster University)
Videoconference thesis

Multimedia Standards

H.261 Recommendation (ITU)
H.263 recommendation (Test Model)
ISO MPEG-4 recommendation
Motion-JPEG Products over ATM (K-net)

T.120 Directory

-  Réseaux

Networks Tutors

A Guide to SNMP and CMIP
ADSL, SDSL, HDSL, and VDSL Technologies URLs
ARPA/DP protocol stack
Cellular tutor
Communications sources URLs
Computer Science Technical Reports Archive Sites
DEC/IBM/Xerox Protocol stacks
Frame Relay and ATM: A Comparison of Technologies
Generic ISO OSI layer structure
High Bandwidth Networks Technologies URLs
High Speed Interconnection Technologies URLs
High-speed network technologies tutorials (Digital)
IEEE Communications Society Online
Index to Computer and Communication Standards
Internet Tutor
IPng tutor
ISDN Complete Technical guide
ISDN Tutor Page
IsoEthernet - Ethernet URLs
Local Area Networks Tutorials and URLs
MBone Information Web
Mobile computing and Intelligent Agent tutorial
Multi Layer Routing Tutorial (IP, ATM switching)
Network technologies Homepage (Darkstar)
Networks and Internet Guides - Journals - Tools
Networks and Multimedia Course (CMPT 365)
Networks Technologies tutorials (ATM, FDDI, SMDS, TokenRing, Ethernet, ...)
Networks Technologies URLs
News - InternetWork (publication dedicated to providing its readership of enterprise network managers with market analysis that helps them make informed decisions when purchasing Internet, intranet, Web server and TCP/IP technologies)
Overview of the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)
Power and Bandwidth Management in Mobile Wireless Computing tutor
Tech tutorial from Univ. of London
Technical tutorials on ATM and LAN (Radcom)
Telecom Information Journals and Newsgroups
Telecommunications Information Lists
Telecommunications Information URLs
Tutorial - Lab test : ADSL and HDSL modems (Tele.com)
Tutorial - cable Modems (CNET)
Tutorial - Fibre Channel Technology (+ Links)
tutorial - Gigabit Ethernet Alliance
Tutorial - Gigabit Ethernet Migration
Tutorial - Multimedia on the net - MBONE - RTP - MPEG (LAN Mag)
Tutorial - Multimedia Over IP (RTP - RSVP - IGMP - MOSPF - RTCP - XTP - UDP -TCP (Data Comm)
Tutorial - State Of The Art - Computer Telephony - Sept. 95 (Byte)
Tutorial - State Of The Art - Voice - Data multiplexing - Feb. 96 (Byte)
Tutoriaux (Raj Jain)
Understanding OSI (tutor)
Univ. London tutorials (VoD, Mobile, ...)
Voice-over Cell and Frame Relay Technologies
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Tutorial
Wireless Local Area Networks tutorial
Wireless technologies
Wireless technologies tutorial

Networks Companies

Annuaire - Global Enterprise Networking Directory (Data Comm)
Cisco LightStream 1010
Computer networks companies Homepage (Darkstar)
Ericsson - the world leading supplier in telecommunications
INRS Télécommunications

Networks FAQs

Annuaire - List of Newsgroups on computing
CANARIE National Test Network FAQ
Data Communications Cabling FAQ
FAQ - Modems
Index of Faqs from Cisco
List of Recommended Reading from Cisco
Macintosh TCP/IP FAQ

Networks Research

AT&T Labs Research
Classification of Research Centers - per number of publication
Computer Communication Review Archive
Computer Science Technical Reports Archive Sites
Networked Computer Science Technical Reports Library
Project Race ICM
Quality of Service Specification for Resource Management in Multimedia Systems
Tech tutorial from Univ. of London

Networks Softwares

Network - RSVP SDK (Precept Soft.)

Networks Standards

Frame Relay Forum
IFIP TC6 homepage
Internet Request For Comments (RFC)
ITU Recommendations and Drafts


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