Intelligence des process de support et des communautés

2021-2022: Regional collaborative project.

Efficient Reuse of Language Components (LangComponent)

2019-2022: Grant from the French _Pôle d'Excellence Cyber_. PI.


2020-2022: Bilateral collaboration with the CEA DAM. PI.

French Research Network on Model-Driven Engineering for Complex Systems (IDM4SCO)

2018-2019: National network on MDE for software related to complex systems. Co-PI with [Serge Stinckwich](

GLObalization in Systems Engineering (GLOSE)

2018-2021: industrial collaboration Safran/Inria/CNRS (network DESIR). PI for CNRS.

Engineering xDSML (EMMA)

2017-2018: WTZ (AT) / PHC Amadeus (FR) grant between TU Wien and Univ. Toulouse. Co-PI with [Tanja Mayerhofer](


2017-2020: Bilateral collaboration (CIFRE) with the Obeo company. PI.

DSL Families for Packet Filtering Policy (Family)

2016-2019: Grant from the French _Pôle d'Excellence Cyber_. PI.

Domain-Specific Metamodeling for Filtering Policy (FPML)

2014-2018: Bilateral collaboration with DGA, the French Defense Procurement Agency. PI.

éCosytème pour la pLAte-foRme d'Ingénierie sysTème melodY (CLARITY)

2014-2017: LEOC Project.