Course materials for ESIR1 students


The course will introduce the state-of-the-practice tools and methods employed in the software industry to develop modern and complex software-intensive systems.


Professor: Benoit Combemale

Except the introduction during the first lecture, all lectures will rely on pre-recorded videos* that you can watch asynchronously, at the latest during the slots scheduled in your agenda. The last 30 minutes of each lecture slot will be dedicated to office hours (on the Teams' group dedicated to the course), where we can discuss on questions you have on the lecture.

* For this part of the course, we will use the pre-recorded videos provided by Prof. Olivier Barais and Prof. Johann Bourcier.


Professor: Benoit Combemale

The labs will consist in realizing the proposed tutorial, and the evaluation in a final demonstration complemented with Q&A (Feb 5th, 2021, 16h-18h). I will be online during the labs. Interact with me through the team IDOM2020 on Teams.

Further material

Benoit Combemale
Benoit Combemale
Full Professor of Software Engineering

Agility and safety for wild software