Benoit Combemale (Univ. Rennes 1)


  • Introduction
    • Some Facts on Modern Developments
    • State of the Practice (large-scale, polyglot, short term delivery…)
    • DevOps: current scope, concepts and principles
  • Get ready for DevOps!
    • Execution platform (e.g., virtual machines, containerization and clouds),
    • Software architecture (microservice, stateless, serverless, FaaS),
    • organizational concerns (gitflow and branching, continuous improvement…)
  • Test automation, incl. static analysis, flaky test, code and test coverage, mutation analysis.
  • Build Management, Configuration Management, Release Management
    • Software Build (e.g., Maven)
    • Software Delivery (e.g., Docker, Docker Compose)
    • Software Deployment (e.g., Kubernetes)
    • Continuous Integration, Delivery and deployment (e.g., Jenkins)
    • Code quality (e.g., SonarQube)
    • Infrastructure as code (e.g., Ansible, Puppet, chef, SaltStack), software bots
  • Observability and Measurement: Logging, Tracing and Monitoring (e.g., LogStash, OpenTracing, Kibana)
  • Fuzzing, A/B and Canary Testing
  • Resilience engineering / testing (e.g., Chaos Engineering)
  • DevOps and Security

Further Materials

Benoit Combemale
Benoit Combemale
Full Professor of Software Engineering

Agility and safety for wild software