Phd students, what you need to know for writing an article (Part 1)

  • The title of your article should reflect the contribution … it should be specific not general
  • You should know the competitors, the stakeholders, …
  • When simulating:
    • When you develop a simulator don’t forget to validate it … so we can trust you 😉
      • Validation can be done analytically, by comparison to other simulators or experimental results
    • When simulating, you need to exactly explain your environment …
    • Why selecting a particular topology or a particular metric … this always need to be justified (you need to ask your self how relevant are the selected values)
    • Why we have a particular behavior … or at least this need to be identified for future work
    • Confidence interval is something that you need to consider.
  • When you summarize, you need to provide enough information (in what you succeed and in what you fail)

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