Thomas Guyet

Assistant Professor in Computer Science - IRISA/LACODAM


  • 15/04/2019 -- Our 4th AALTD@EMCL workshop has been accepted: consider submitting your best contributions!
  • 28/01/2019 -- We organize temporal data days in Rennes (Mars, 25-26th): TS Days (materials are now online)
  • 28/01/2019 -- I'm member of the organizers of the 2nd workshop on using french medico-administrative databases for health research: you can submit your nicest posters.
  • 5/11/2018 -- Submit your article to the GAST@EGC2019 workshop!!
  • 5/11/2018 -- Our article "Discriminant chronicle mining" has been accepted to appear the Springer AKDM series, volume 8
  • 1/08/2018 -- I co-organize GIA@SAC2019


I received my engineering diploma from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique et de Mathématiques Appliquées de Grenoble, France (ENSIMAG) in image processing in 2004 and my PhD thesis in Computer Science in 2007 from National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble. During my Phd ("Collaborative interpretation of time series. Application to intensive care data."), I worked in the Grenoble Informatic Laboratory (LIG) in a wide range of the artificial intelligence domain (cognitive science, data mining and applications) and in the TIMC Laboratory in a team that works in the applied field of cardio-respiratory physiology (PRETA).
From 2007 to now, I'm assistant professor at AGROCAMPUS OUEST and I'm working in the IRISA laboratory (LACODAM Team, previously DREAM) in Rennes. I was in partial secondment at Inria during 2015-2016.

Research interests

My research area is artificial intelligence (AI) with a multidisciplinary approach - algorithmic, design methodologies and cognitive science. I am particularly interested in discovering spatial and temporal patterns in semantically rich datasets. My areas of application are related to agronomy (mainly landscapes) and health (care pathways analysis).

My first research direction is the temporal and spatial pattern mining. Data from the observation of living systems (agricultural and medical systems) have a strong spatial or temporal dimension. But the spatial and temporal information is often underutilized in the data mining algorithms. The challenge lies in identifying new kind of temporal/spatial patterns that have valuable properties to make possible their extraction by complete and correct algorithms. A recent approach I'm developping is the use declarative programming, more especially Answer Set Programming (ASP) with clingo, to mix pattern mining and reasonning.
My second research direction aims at better including the user in the loop of knowledge discovery. Specifically, I am interested in implementing interactive systems to support users in their exploration process of large datasets. To acheive this goal I propose an enactive point of view of the data interpretation that brings creative solutions to take into account the cognitive ergonomy of the knowledge discovery tools.

Current supervisions

  • Colin Leverger, PhD candidate (2017-2020), with A. Termier (Dir), S. Malinowski, R. Marguerie (Orange)
  • Johanne Bakalara, PhD candidate (2018-2021), with O. Dameron (Dir), E. Oger (Dir) and A. Happe


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International conferences and workshops (with review committee)

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National conferences and workshops (with review committee)

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Other productions

Thomas Guyet. "QTempIntMiner". APP deposit IDDN.FR.001.030005.000.S.P.2016.000.20700, Affero GPL Licence 2015.
Thomas Guyet and Marie-Odile Cordier (Edt). "Intelligence Artificielle et Agronomie". Dossier spécial du bulletin de l'AFIA (Association Française pour l'Intelligence Artificielle) 2012.
Thomas Guyet. "Aide à l'interprétation de séries temporelles. Approche Enactive de la construction de sens". Enaction et Constructivism Summer School 2006. PDFFILE:
Thomas Guyet, René Quiniou, Wei Wang and Marie-Odile Cordier. Technical report:RR-6989:"Self-adaptive web intrusion detection system". INRIA 2009. URL:


Current projects in which I am strongly involved in

  • PEPS (Pharmaco-Epidemiology of Health Product) (2015-2019, ANSM) The main aims of this project is to make pharmacoepidemiological studies from the medico-administrative databases. These databases contains administrative information about the reimbursement of the 65 millions of french insured. I'm responsible of the scientific program of the IRISA partner. Our aim is to develop temporal pattern mining techniques for care pathway analysis.
  • Hyptser (Hybrid models for predicting time series) (2017-2019, PGMO/IRSDI) collaborative work with S. Malinowski (LinkMedia) and V. Lemaire (Orange Labs).

Past projects


  • Organization commitee member of Rennes-DS 2017 and webmaster
  • Co-organization chair of PFIA2015
  • Treasurer of the French Association of Articifial Intelligence from 2010 to 2015
  • Co-chair of the GAST working group
  • Organization commitee member of EGC2014 and webmaster
  • Program chair of the GAST working group (organizer of GAST@EGC workshops)
  • Reviewer for journals (JBI, TKDE, ACM Comp. Surv.), PC Member (IJCAI, ECAI, KR, RFIA), evaluators for various national and international funding programs.
  • Steering committee of RFIA 2012 and 2014
  • Member of the editorial board of RIA


I teach computer science to students in AGROCAMPUS-OUEST, an engineering school in the domain of agricultural and food industry. More precisely:

  • information and communications technology with LibreOffice (and sometimes with Office Suite),
  • databases,
  • python language for spatial analysis (Master of geo-information).

To contact me

Unité pédagogique Informatique d'AGROCAMPUS-OUEST
65 rue de Saint-Brieuc
CS 84215
F-35042 Rennes, France

Mail :
Téléphone (AGROCAMPUS) : +33 2 23 48 54 58
Téléphone (IRISA) : +33 2 99 84 75 94
Devs: Inria GitLab
Social networks: ORCID logo, LinkedIn logo, Hangouts: tg.agrocamp