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Eye tracking data for a set of pictures

A database containing the visual scan paths of different observers (up to 40) is available ***here*** (archive's size is less than 10Mo). A password is required, send me an e-mail and I will give you it (

Please cite the following paper in any published work if you use it:

O. Le Meur, P. Le Callet, D. Barba and D. Thoreau, A coherent computational approach to model the bottom-up visual attention, IEEE Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Vol. 28, N°5, May 2006. [pdf]

The proposed database is composed of: I will put a code source in order to build the experimental saliency maps. Below, some outputs of the code. From the left-hand side to the right: Heat Map, Highlight Map, Saliency Map and first most visually interesting points.(Click to get the full resolution picture.)

You can download all pictures (Heat map, Highlight, SM and WTA pictures for an average observer...) ***here*** (archive's size is less than 30Mo). A password is required (the same as previous one).