Examplar-based inpainting based on local geometry

O. Le Meur, J. Gautier and C. Guillemot
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Main Idea

We propose a novel inpainting algorithm combining the advantage of PDE-based schemes and examplar-based approaches. The proposed algorithm relies on the use of structure tensors and template matching. The structure tensors are computed in a hierarchic manner whereas the template matching is based on a K-nearest neighbor algorithm. The value K is adaptively set in function of the local texture information. Compared to two state of the art approaches, the proposed method provides more coherent results.
The video below shows how the proposed approach works. The hierarchical option was here disabled for the sake of visibility. Note that the first inpainted pictures have a resolution of 200x200 whereas the latest have a resolution close to 500x400 pixels.

Original figure of the paper

Click on the pictures to look at the original picture.

Supplementary materials

Masks and original pictures:


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